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Till Then.


Until the promos are over.Fevorious mugging awaits and I won’t be going online either.Nothing’s gonna interrupt me and my studies.Oh maybe football and Macheda,but that’s strictly for the weekends.Nothing else then.All the best for the promos and exams peeps.I can’t wait for Weekends.

Tata World.


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I promise,that this will be the last post ever that I’m typing about you.I thought about it the whole night and I’ve arrived at the conclusion that there’s really no point harping on this.There’s no point talking things out and either.I guess I was too obstinate on my own views and the way I feel to neglect the more important stuff in life.You know what?

I am my worst enemy.

Thanks for showing me that.It’s time to let my memories of you go to let my own life begin.So Goodbye.It’s been a ride pal.

Speaking of which,It’s 911 today.The sky is heavy with grayish clouds and it’s pouring like no end now.Even nature is crying over the people lost 8 years ago.I wonder and can’t imagine the pain and anxiety and loss that families all over the world had to experience when the twin towers crashed.So many people lost their lives there and no amount of tears,remorse and apologies can ever bring them back to life again.Though it’s been 8 years,people who had lived through that era will never forget the fear inscripted in the eyes of New Yorkers and victims of the attack.8 years ago,I was happy in my own Barbie world living a very sheltered existence.I guess that death is part and parcel of living.People live but people also die.It all leads down to this final goodbye in the end.Wherever the victims of the attack now are,I hope they’re happy now.

A final Goodbye.To You and to all the past memories that have been holding us back from ever looking forward to the present and the future.

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Ironic,but so true.

I ought to be studying MORE,but I’m simply bubbling with too much happiness as England and Spain had made it to the World Cup next year.So far,only History and a little of Econs had made their presence felt in in my mind.Oh well.

A brooding question hanging over my head today.How many Misses can one miss in life?Aplenty I bet.You know what?I was reading some stories today and it crossed my mind.What would you say if you’re only left with one minute of your life?I bet with everything I’ve got with me that the telephone booths would be crowded with people waiting in line to call their family members and loved ones and all would be stammering with the three words “I love you.”

When was the last time you told someone how much they meant to you?Whatever the case is,Don’t let the last time be the last.

I wish I could thrash things out with you and end everything for good.Yet I can’t find the courage within me to speak out because if I did,it would really be the end.Call me selfish,cowardly or whatever,but I rather things remain stagnanted.At least the silence would  be bearable as all else will fall apart once my feelings get the better of me.Maybe one day I’ll be able to.Maybe one day I won’t.Maybe one day,when we finally understand why Samson loved Delilah and why the sun simply outshine the moon,then there’ll be no more questions to my emotions.

Destiny decides who you will meet in your life;But it’s only your heart that can decide who gets to stay in your life.

It’s a pity that I’m not left with much choice.Perhaps sometimes,being rid of all choices is the best option after all.

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FootballCandies Overload.



West+Bromwich+Albion+v+Arsenal+Premier+League+9BoBGPswV85l7126528(Yeap I still miss C.Ronaldo in the Manutd jersey be it red,blue,black or white.To me,He still Belongs in Manutd no matter what.Screw the Real life.Macheda,Ronnie’s successor=D)

From top: Manchester United-My Hubby,Federico Macheda!!!haha he’s only 18 OMG. His hair reminds me of Ronaldo lah.Except he’s a striker,not a midfielder.Sighs.I wish Sir Alex would give him more chances in the EPL.The Italian’s got talent and TIME.SO YEAH,I’M BETTING ON MY HUBBY TO BE THE NEXT BIG THING after David Beckham,Michael Owen and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United‘s current goalkeeper, Ben Foster.He’s young,but in great form.More experiences and he’s the man.I hope he replaces Joe Hart and Robert Green as the resident goalkeeper for England.He’s got potential.Oh well,time to send letters to Fabio Capello!

Liverpool’s Fernando Torres-I know Tam will definitely SMILE when she sees this.He’s her hubby after all!Okay,one of the reasons why I supported and will continue to support Spain for the World Cup is because of Torres!He’s so damn cute.Love his smile and he runs like damn fast.He’s really good in tricking the rivals with his dribbling skills.But I think he looks better without his headband,like letting his fringe down is just *faints*.Yeap,the saving grace of Liverpool is definitely Torres.And Gerrard,but that’s not the point.Torres’ the deal.

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard-It was tough choosing  between Lampard and Michael Ballack,but since I prefer England over Germany,well you’ve got it.Lampard IS the wonder of Chelsea.Seriously,each time Chelsea VS Manutd,my heart just do a double flip whenever Lampard’s got the ball.His long shots always nail the goals and that’s damn scary.I hate it when Lampard had to shoot the goal against Ben Foster.He’s good.Truly good.

Arsenal’s Andrei Arshavin.He has those piercing bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.Arsene Wenger has to let him play MORE regularly.He just has to.The goal he recently scored against Manutd was beautiful.Foster almost got it,but didn’t.The Russian really has potential man.If Fabregas decides to return to Barcelona,hopefully Arshavin would be captain.He has that puppydog grin that is so swoonworthy.Yes,I was paying loads of attention to him during the Devils and Gunners showdown two weeks ago.

Lastly,I miss C.Ronaldo.I really do.I can’t see him in that Bwin Real Madrid jersey.I was watching the Laliga league the other night and I keep seeing Ronnie,KaKa and Alonso.Hate this.Alonso should have stayed in Liverpool man!He’s wasted there.So is Ronnie.But oh well.At least there’s Macheda to take over Ronnie=D

I know this post is SERIOUSLY pure indulgence on my part.It’s dedicated to Cheryl=).Cheryl,if you’re interested,welcome to the world of Football dear.

Don’t get me started on my fanatism with Football.I just LOVE the game and the players like OMG.I predict more sleepless nights.Can’t wait for Manutd and Tottenham’s on Sunday early morning.As I said,Football rocks man.Like seriously.Can’t wait for World cup next year.It’s gonna be a blast.

Off to gush now.Don’t mind me.

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It will be alright in the end.


One question I often find myself asking.

What is happiness?

If you asked me this question a few months,a few weeks or perhaps even a few days ago,I would give you a twitch and say “Oh happiness?I have no idea.It just keeps evading me all the time.” Honestly I wouldn’t know the key to answering the question at all.Now I know.

Happiness is clouds drfitng lazily along the azure blue sky,Happiness is flowers blooming in the air,Happiness is a smile that warms your heart,Happiness is letting a butterfly free,Happiness is watching little children brimming with youth and innocence playing their games,Happiness is letting myself be happy;Happiness is being happy even though you’re not with me,even though you cannot and will never be.

Happiness is the courage to go through the arduous journey we call life and still have a smile on the face and in the heart when we go to sleep at night.It’s the dream,the fire that keeps us going.

Happiness is the existence of fear,depression and sadness intertwined with hope and will.

I am happy now.

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Move over,Edward Cullen.


From top left: Taylor Lautner(MY FAVORITE! TEAM JACOB FOREVER!), Xavier Samuel(Riley,newborn vamp in Eclipse).Jamie Campbell Bower(Caius in New Moon and subsequent series),Cameron Bright(Alec ,Jane’s twin)

OMGOSH ALL ARE SO HOT.esp Cameron Bright(Donned in the orange cap)Boy I was SHOCKED when I saw him casted.Do anyone remember the little boy in Birth with Nicole Kidman?The little kid in the same bathtub as the starlette?YES that’s HIM.boy,I seem to forget that people grow up.The image of him as that chubby cute little boy is still fresh in my head.It doesn’t faze me that I was only 12 when I watched the movie despite it being NC16 heh.

And people are betting Jamie Campbell to be the NEXT Rob Pattinson.why?cause he’s also in the final flicks of Harry Potter as Grindelwald!His hair does resemble’s Rob’s messy “tresses” though.Xavier Samuel as Riley the newborn vamp is such a WASTE.I’ll hate to see Rob kill him in Eclipse(Oops SPOILER ALERT).Yet,even though vamps are HOT,nothing beats MY Taylor Lautner.I LOVELOVELOVE JACOB BLACK.Werewolves are gorgeous and oozes sex appeal mind you.

So this  candylicious post is dedicated to *winks* some people who has been complaining about my earlier “depressing” and “literature-ish” posts.I daresay I’m not going to do an Emily Bronte with my whimsies. So there you go! The Twilight hotties Saga of my Oh So Boring life!

Next post-My fascination with Football, and Hubby Federico Macheda.

P.S: My neverending indulgence in the fantasy world,yes I know.But don’t ruin my moment.(Regarding the picture alignment.I have NO idea what’s happened to it.Sorry!)

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Disoriented Accumulation


My inner brain resembles that of a squad of torn and messed up papers now.Everything is strewn all over the place.It’s gonna reach the brink and overflow soon,I’m confident of that happening.

Life’s chaotic alright-it builds up slowly,accumulating wasted emotions and slowly gnawing your insides out and then you find that there’s really nothing inside you to give.Your life history and feelings are just pieces of crumpled paper thrown away when you’re of no use anymore.I realised,I’m just a shell living out a zombified existence.

My head’s ready to explode and my soul is spilting into two;the one with the heart is leaving with you.

Cheers to a life that is going over the edge;

A  life that is fast spiralling out of my control,just like the disposal of unused papers.

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