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When I was young,I wished I was old enough to know everything,Now that I’m finally no longer a kid,I found that there are actually many more things I don’t understand and it seems,I understood them better when I was much younger then.The irony of the situation that is.

Let the pictures do the talking.Shld I switch to Tumblr?Damn nervous for OP.Hopefully everything will go fine.Hopefully.

“When we meet again we’ll probably talk about the weather.Because that is what people do when they grow apart.”

“It’s funny how you still love the person but you just stop needing them like  you used to.” -eletheowl


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Head’s feeling empty and accompanied by a spilting headache.I want some novelty in this draggy life that I’m leading now.The head and the ear’s killing me.Goodbye.


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Say and be okay.


All these will soon pass and it will be okay.

Manchester United lost 0-2,but it’s okay,for they will get back on the winning spree again as they are forever the RedDevils of my heart.

I’m trying to memorise and commit my OP script to heart now and it is a chore.I mean,c’mon I’m always the victim of stage fright and my blocked ears is…tsk.Right now I can’t think of anything as the sheer fear of letting my groupmates down is getting too hard to bear.There are recurring questions circulating around my head and how I wish to shut the noise out.Miss Sarina’s right when she said that “Mingyee you are scared of everything!You just need to practise.”Stage fright isn’t something to be overcomed overnight I guess.Oh MAN I can’t wait for the December holidays.I love December not only because it’s my birth month,but because it’s Christmas and the idea of winter just makes me happy.I want to have a winter holiday someday;hot chocolate alongside the crackling fireplace=Haven.I just want to get away from all these crap that life throws at me.PW is stupid beyond belief.Right now,cheezels and merci chocolates are keeping me happy,at the expense of my waistline and weight.I want to stuff myself with food and not gain weight at the same time!Is it possible?Major dieting plans in the midst.Off to scruntinise at my own OP speech now.Memory,don’t you ever fail me.

P.S:Super random but I want to get my New Moon Movie guidebook soon=)

Somehow,it will be okay,say it will be you hear me…?

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Showdown of the Season.



Simply because it’s the showdown of the season-Liverpool VS Manchester United live from Anfield.

What will the odds be with each side facing a glaring possibility without their key figure in the game?No Rooney,No Gerrard oh how will the game go?The answer is,a HUGE range of differing possiblities.I desperately want to catch Giggs and Torres in action and yet,I do not want to face the chances of the Devils losing.It will be interesting to see Michael Owen back at Anfield again,this time donning on the RedDevils’ jersey.Wonder what kinda response is awaiting him at Merseyside man.Of course,right now,2 hours before the match commences,I’m trying to brace myself for the best and the worst-Manutd wins,they remain leaders of the pack.Manutd loses,Chelsea’s turn to be the header again.Liverpool wins,Benitez keeps his job.Liverpool loses,the Reds are as good as goners for the title race.Three words to summarize my emotions?I.can’t.wait.

It’s times like this when I miss the RedDevil talismanic figure Cristiano Ronaldo most.

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WR is finally over and done with but funnily enough I still don’t feel that massive wave of accomplishment.I think that’s because despite all of us trying to believe that one hurdle’s now down,it’s not over yet.It’s not even close to being over for OP takes up an equal weightage of WR.Boo.In any case,there’s no cause to celebrate just yet and one lesson learnt from PW is that I need to learn how to photoshop!I wanna photoshop pictures in technicolor just like the above shots of pretty flowers and I want to design stuff in my own free time,or else the photoshopping device in my laptop will go to waste.

For no sane reason, my ear is blocked and according to the doc,I have to apply eardrops every night before turning in and my,there was a tickling sensation.Tsk.

Come Monday,OP starts.Why do all these seem to be a neverending churn of events?It’s making me sick.SICK to the pit.Okay I shall stop moaning and ranting about all these stuff.I’m really excited to watch the match tomorrow.I used to think that there was nothing fun in watching 22 men chase after a silly ball but now I think differently.I don’t know why either but it’s suddenly like “WOW.”Anyway,my MANUTD 2010 CALENDAR is out already and my dad bought it for me!Bro got his Chelsea too-I’m a happy girl!Only grimace-WHY IS THERE NO BEN FOSTER ON THE CALENDAR?Nevermind I shall wait.Just max.3 more weeks and all these madness will be over.Till then folks,smile and hold on.

I guess we just have to treasure the simple things that make us smile and value the technicolor moments in life before the world fades back to black and white again.

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Because things will change and there’s no stopping it when it does.

I wanna watch 500 days of summer and This is it so badly.Screw PW.Nowadays, I feel like a motionless draft editing machine for I’m constantly up to my neck editing,editing and editing the drafts for WR.No matter how many times I edit and change the whole thing, when it gets back from the teacher,it’s always “dripping with red ink”.Sigh.I’m so damn tired of facing my laptop everyday and just highlighting the parts where I’ve made the amendments knowing that nothing will ever be final.The only thing that’s drving me on now is the…Liverpool and Manchester United match on Sunday.It will be my first RIVAL match as a hardcore Devils fan=)I guess slaving away for PW is much better than letting my mind go astray with boredom and thinking of OP just make my stomach do double takes.I’m this close to screaming my lungs out in frustration and the thought of me having to present the proposal in front of others just make my legs jelly-like.Oh Gawd.Stage fright be damned.

Tomorrow’s the final day for any receiving back of drafts and then,the final product will be finished.Hold on M.Y just hold on.I was contemplating some stuff yesterday as I was watching my drama.IDK why but suddenly the idea of change just popped into my head and like an unwanted neighbour that you just can’t wait to shoo away,it made its presence felt in this tiny head of mine.Change.Remember wishing that things would last forever and praying that nothing changes and things would always stay the way you want them to be?Oh definitely,I do.What happens then?I grew up.Reality forced me to accept that things will always change and people put their beloved memories,stuff,things on a pedestal and move on.Change.I hate that word.It’s hard to accept that nothing stays constant and stupid change.It changes everything and all you’re left with are memories.Yet even memories can be altered.Blah.I don’t even know what I’m ranting about.It must have been the PW that is getting to me.

On a lighter note,CP photoshoot today was fun.It’s so adorable being the center of attention though it can be quite intimidating somehow.I love the latest issue of MUSINGS.It’s totally kickass.I wish I could kick PW in the ass and just say  good riddance to you and with a twirl of my hair send it to its maker.Whoever that invented PW must have such a sadistic demeanor that is bent on seeing people suffer.Grr.

For a moment, as I look into the orangey sky,bruised with streaks of pink,red and violet hues whick is a sharp contrast to my above picture and an indication that it’s sunset now, I’m aware that things do change.

When it does change,it leaves us helpless and vulnerable,the way that we all are beneath that perfectly adorned mask gracing our faces.

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I want it that way.


PW’s driving me bananas.But I don’t mind the sweat and tears shed for I want that A.So let’s persevere on and I’m gonna get that A for I want it that way.Seriously I don’t know what’s up with me nowadays,but Backstreet Boys’ music keep running in my head.OMG and some were like 12 years ago that kinda thing.It really brought me back to the era when I was much cheerful and happier and despite the fact that my singing is bad(it’s warbling for goodness’ sake), I can’t help but  belt out their songs whenever I hear it on the radion and CDs.Yeah,as embarassing as it may seem,BSB was my first love.I loved their songs and their cheesy lyrics and bubblegum pop was my guilty pleasure.Songs like “Shape of my heart”,”Show me the meaning of being lonely”,”I want it that way” and “As long as you love me” are just timeless classics.OMG and Nick Carter in his centre parting floppy blond hair days is forever stuck in my head.He was my first singer crush and I loved his voice way before his Paris Hilton dating,weight trouble and drug problem days.I was watching their latest music video” striaght through my heart” a few days ago and the boyish charm that they had a decade ago had been lost to a more matured vibe and that “innocence” of teen angst and puppy love are long gone.Anyway,when I listened to their old hits,I feel young again.Not that I’m not young,but I feel…like a kid again and the old happiness seem to drift back to me for a quarter of a second.I still love BSB.Till now they’re still my guilty obsession and they will be for many years to come simply because I want it that way.

Sometimes I wish I could turn back time, turn back time, impossible as it may seem,but I wish I could ,so bad…


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