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Haunted Chalet?

Spending my days picking flowers,playing in the meadows and dancing in the rain?Oh sure.

Went for the classs chalet ytd.The place was kinda almost rundown,a perfect scene from a haunted movie set or sth.The rooms reek of something that belonged to that of a washroom and the place looked desolate.HA.But the company was great and for the first time in the longest time,I feel like a child again.Well,almost cause I got to sit on swings and I really appreciate the guys pushing me when I was swinging.It’s like,you feel anti gravity for once.Then what happens?You’ve got to get down sometime and the magic is over.Oh and I really damn apppreciate Jonny and Gary’s efforts in being so consistently persistent in the merry go round thingy where I held on the horse for whatever my life entails so as not to fall off.Guess my screaming and hollering didn’t work at all.I was this close to losing my voice.Grr.and what’s this abt princess and the prince eh.I thought it should be the other way round Guys?(Girls?).OH and there was this part when there was this insect thingy and it’s like the domino effect cause when Connie or someone else(I forgot) saw it first,we started secreaming like hell and we girls plus Nizam and Asyraf were like running away from the thing.Each time it moved,there were sharp shrills in the air and we were holding on to each other on the arms and ran as fast as we could.It’s like playing catching you know,except the insect was the big bad wolf and as humans despite towering over that tiny insect were hysterically afraid of it.Sense the irony heh.Roxanne and Siddiq seemed to be the only brave ones here haha.I swear,the whole scenario was just EPIC.Esp the Queen.Anw,celebrated Nizam’s birthday ytd.Finally of legal age congratz!Watched Jennifer’s Body halfway before I had to go home heh.Oh and rumours has it that the place where the chalet was was actually one of the TV sets for an episode of The Incredible Tales.How COOL is that eh?=)Thank Gawd I was not bunking in.I love my comfy bed much more than anything else in the world.I guessed me and Naeem left the chalet when the night was really young cause according to Kev,the people really got damn drunk after drinking(Haha!) and he mentioned“Puke, swearing and being drunk is not a chalet I would want to go to ever.”.HAHA lucky me.I bet I’ll be so tempted to drink too if I was there but nah.My folks would surely hit the roof if they find out I drank without any permission or adult supervision and they would ban me from any chalet thing ever again.However,I do wish I was there to see the chaotic scenes.On second thoughts,maybe not.=)

Can’t wait for New Moon with BFF on Thursday!Always Team Jacob and Team Carlisle all the way!



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Mini Gathering.

I like this room.It’s an excerpt of what my mind has for my perrfect dream home.

I love looking at pretty,romatic and thought provoking messages and pictures and they simply makes my day.Nothing much going on now.Oh I just watched The Departed and I’ve decided that I prefer the HongKong version.However both Leo Dicaprio(Can’t get enough of that dude) and Matt Damon are smoking hot.The violence and abusive language were…alright I supposed.I’m definitely not for masochistic tendencies and the gory scenes just put me off.Can’t wait for class chalet tomorrow it’s gonna be nothing but fun!I’m extremely tempted to switch to Tumblr because of all those fancy pictures,but I’m attached to wordpress.HOW?Had a mini family gathering just now on dad’s side.It’s nice seeing relatives whom you haven’t seen for many months.I’m amazed at how my baby cousins have grown and all too soon,they’re all proceeding to nearly secondary school level.I guess,little kids really do grow up fast.Is it just me or I suddenly feel so old.Yeah right.Old at 16?It is so…saddening that I won’t be 16 for any longer.What a joke.

The sparkle in her eye.Is that a symbol of innocence or is that a glinter of the tear she’s been holding back all this time?

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Inner Shrills.

There comes a point in time when I’m not sure what I want to do anymore.There comes a point when I just want out.

Talked to Sharon for a LONG time last night.I swear,she’s my BFF for always and there’s no one like her.I feel so much better talking to her and it’s as though she knew what answers I want all along.It may seem cliche,but she can really read my mind and she knows all the right things to say.We started reminiscing and all the stuff that seemed to be such a freakshow in the past al sent us into giggly peals of laughter last night.Hah.No wonder they say that comic is tragedy+time.Anw,she helped to sort out all my innermost thoughts and I was able to go to sleep with a more.clear.mind.You know,really,I’m sick of having uncertainties and  feeling unease with some things.I feel as though all that are weighing me down and I need to be free.I want a brand new life,a brand new beginning. I don’t want my family,my friends to be unhappy all the time.Sometimes I feel so bleh and the realisation makes me feel all sulky and rotten and.OH GOD KNOWS WHAT.Ever since entering JC,I’ve never sprouted so much vulgarities in my life and I know it’s not  a big deal,but I don’t like it.It’s like paint dripping out from my lips and it’s a very gnawing feeling.What had happened to the person I was,who is the person I’ve become?I just want to be me.Just me.I’m sick of trying so hard already.I don’t think I should.

It’s ironic that I’m fearing the girl whom I’ve become.

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Goodbye J1.

You can’t stop life from taking people you love in different directions.One day you wake up and realise that you’ve got to find your own way back to your castle for there’s no more prince charming and a white horse to ride you home.

Last day of J1.Holidays officially start today.Reflections and more reflections.Beats me on how I really survived year 1.I mean,what have I been doing for the whole of this year?Not much I guess come to really think about it.It’s been studying like mad and having the time of your life,but then,I guess,life’s only beginning.There’s still such a long way to go.JC’s really a transition period and two years simply fly by.I think I’ve been pretty lucky this year.I couldn’t ask more for whatever that’s been going on cause I’m so happy that everything’s good.My friends are just simply the best,my cca rocks cause we gossip and have so much fun and beef our portfolio at the same time,my class doesn’t have any politics and the teachers are all fine.The studying environment is awesome and everyone gets along and have fun at the same time.Sure,there were intense mugging sessions and getting bad grades just make you wanna yank offf every single strand of hair on your head,PW period was horrible and your hormones take you on a rollercoaster ride of turbulent emotions,but it’s all good.I’ve experienced many things this year and I feel like I’ve grown a tad older and perhaps,more thick-skinned.

Many stuff lined out these holidays and in the middle of December,I have to conquer my fear and I know it’s all gonna be alright.Oh and loads of homework to boot.Let’s see.3 essays and 2 structured questions for Econs,2 essays for Hist,Lit critical essay and stuff and math practices.Sighs.MJ’s really bent on not giving us a break do they?Nevertheless,I wanna take this time off to do what I really like and to soothe my exhausted nerves before life gets in the way again.Class chalet,morning over,movies,birthday outings…Here I come.In the meantime,goodbye J1 year.It’s been great.Now let’s leave everything behind and just relax…

So alone or not,you’ve got a walk ahead.

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Today,I realised that I’m so dense.

But whatever.Better late than never=).Lectures almost killed me today.Double period Econs is lethal enough and time pass sooo slowly.It’s seem almost nonexistent.4 hours straight of Lit and History is horrible too,but I’m glad I survived the day.Lit holiday homework is piling up yet looking on the bright side,it’s almost the holidays!Like FINALLY.


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Revolutionary Road.

“No one forgets the truth,Frank.They just get better at lying.”-April Wheeler.

I think Revolutionary Road is a fabulous masterpiece.Even though I’m not the sort who will like this kind of heavy movies,I love Revolutionary Road.It’s completely mindblowing and Sam mendes had gathered such a talented cast-I mean,Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet are simply a match made in movie heaven.I love the two of them so much.RR is really a wonderful movie and it is basically a bleak dissection of a marriage breaking down and the consequences that follow it all set in the 1950s where postwar affluency threatens the survival of the young couple,the Wheelers.I love Leo Dicaprio here.It is apparent that he has really matured as an actor since his Titanic days and he is so convincing in his boyish dashing looks and his swagger as Frank Wheeler.Even though he had put on a considerable amount of weight,he’s still as alluring and charming as ever and Kate Winslet is so..beautiful and womanly.Her seraphic face was able to mask the undercurrents of anger,disappointment and resentment that April Wheeler experiences and there is a stillness about her beauty and the way she portrays her character that makes you hate her and feel so sorry for her predicament at the same time.Like what Frank mentioned,what type of a mother would give herself an abortion so that they can go after some foolish dream to Paris eh?

What is really brilliant about this movie is that all the characters are very well developed and I absolutely LOVE Michael Shannon’s John.Oh gawd he almost stole Leo Dicaprio’s limelight I tell you.To me,I personally think that he’s the sanest character in the movie.I mean,he seems to be the only one who’s not hypocritical and even if he’s mentaly unhinged,he makes more sense than the rest of the characters put together.One line I will always remember, “It takes a certain amount of guts to see the emptiness,but it takes a whole hell of a lot to see the hopelessness.”

Revolutionary Road also places the idea of reality and how life is getting away from many people as they embark on a tedious journey of survival in this world.Kate noted“When I first met you,there was nothing you couldn’t do or be.”I guess,that’s when she started losing faith in Leo and for all that their marriage had stood for.It seems rather obvious that Kate was the stronger person in here for she was willing to put down and sacrifice everything that she had to go to Paris with her husband,and help to fulfill Leo’s dream.It’s a pity that Leo couldn’t think that way and he’s unable to put down all his commitments and just go for his dreams.In a way,he’s a product of his own environment and he’s simply not man enough to really go after the one thing he wanted.He said earlier, “I want to feel things.” but apparently,it’s all talk and no action.The tragic ending to the movie which saw Kate ending her life seems to leave a sour note in me and despite all that,I feel a tinge of admiration for her for she dared to dream and dared to do what she want,not like her husband.

Finally,the verbal bloodbaths between Leo and Kate was…WOW.Simply outstanding and bloody hell of a good thing.I love their chemistry and both are really the best actors of their time.There’s so much emotions playing on the lips and Kate’s desperation and despair was extremely obvious when she confided in Shep that she was truly disappointed in Leo as she muttered “To put all your hopes into a promise that was never made.”

Isn’t that only human?We want things,yet reality more often than not prevents us from going after our dreams and in the end,we let life pass us by,just like that.

 Brilliant movie.

She wanted to change the world,but there wasn’t enough time.What happens then?Her heart grew old and her feet went cold.That’s why the world never gets better.


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Movie Marathon.

So are we really going to end up destroying the world and are we really going to act as though nothing has happened and watch our world slowly dissolve into darkness?

TIRED.Had movie marathon at Kevin’s house today with him,Gabe,Gary and Queen.We only managed to complete 2 and a half movies cause *ahem* people played games and we dilly dallyed with lunch and chatting alot.I slept through Sex and the City cause I was really tired and the darkness of the room lulled me to sleep.At the same time,the couch/chair that I was sitting in was wide enough to envelop my body and it was so comfortable!Gabriel,the blue blanket is MINE I TELL YOU haha.Ate alot today-chips,popcorn,pizza,springroll…I feel like a glutton.BOO.But StarDust was NICE.I had wanted to watch that movie for ages,but I did not have a chance too and today,I finally watched it!Charlie Cox is cute.However the first movie we watched,The Virgin Suicides was a slow and draggy one.Okay I had a hard time trying to make sense of it and even though the storyline was feasible and Kirsten Dunst as well as Josh Hartnett played their roles well, the rest of the sisters in the movie seemed lukewarm and there was no fleshing out of the individual characters at all.I guess this kinda indie movie does not really suit me.

Oh and I so must say this-I’m so scared of Kev’s dog,Max.I know he’s an “M” too but I’m still scared!!!Max was like barking so loudly and to me it sounded menacing,but what type of dog do not bark eh?Hahah and the guys were FASCINATED about Max’s..errr.Max’s biological organs.Seriously.Black and Pink???Oh Gawd.Gary was particularly interested in that and he was so excited about it haha and he even wanted to see it before he left the house haha.So our dear Max,being a good boy sure did not disappoint him.Hahah but still.I’m still having nightmarish images of Max chewing my shoes and biting off my leg or something.So Max had to be chained each time I walk pass him and I did not even dare to leave the house before he was chained.Poor Max,I know.

Really tired,but I’m happy cause I managed to borrow two Leonardo Dicaprio’s movies from kev’s movie storage.Leo Dicaprio FTW.It won’t be an early night later cause there is a stream of soccer matches for me to watch at 8.40pm onwards.How?Shld I watch Manutd versus Everton?It’s at 1.30am!!!Sigh.We’ll see.

Never felt so fulfilled for a long while.

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