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2nd last day of 2009.

Isn’t this so true?

I think I need to get about doing up my New Year 2010 resolution already.I mean,it’s the second last day of 2009.Boy oh boy.The thing is I seldom find myself sticking to it as much as I like,hmm maybe I shld do a monthly instead.However like the previous years,and the rest of the years that have yet to go by,the most important points for the resolution are the ones that I HAVE to stick to no matter what and it’s gonna remain unchanged for the rest of the years to come.Health,filial piety,good grades,sane life,being the me that I wanna be.Yes that’s it.Simple,but it’s so hard to fulfil these bare requirements now.I’ve been thinking alot about what I’m gonna be next time.Since I’m only left with one more year of JC(barely,more like 10 months),it’s high time to pick a desired course route and aim for it.Psychology looks reallyreallyreally desirable and attractive to me and I think I wouln’t mind doing it,I wouldn’t mind being a clinical psychologist for the rest of my life.I can see myself in the office talking to my patients and diagnosing the problem with them and helping loads of people on the way.I can see myself doing a 9-5 job and I don’t really mind.Last time I told myself that I wouldn’t want to be cooped up within four walls and do nothing but sign documents and stare at the desktop the whole day,but now,really.Call it a fall back to reality.Journalism’s my second option,but if I really have to choose,nah.I want to be a CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST AND I’M GONNA BE ONE,no matter what you say.

Presently,I’m left with only one  more segment of Buffett’s Snowball.YAY ME.Gawd,that book is really a chore.Honestly.It’s so darn boring and who cares abt the type of stocks he dabble in and blah,all the companies that he bought and blahblahblah.Maybe I would be interested if I intend to leave my life to stocks and stuff,maybe.Oh and I detest Pure Math.Really absolutely definitely can’t do it to save my life.Oh well,just one more year and I won’t ever have to touch that subject ever.again.Math.Pure horror.Grr.Sadly,I don’t think I’m gonna take History or Literature as a minor either.Don’t get me wrong-I love Literature and poetry and stuff,I love reading classics and getting lost in seeing the world through the author’s eyes,but I don’t want to study it for the sake of studying it.Why make the thing you love become something that you might subsequently come to hate?Also,I can’t imagine studying 200 texts in 4 years.So after JC,Literature’s gonna be my form of leisure and whimsical daydreaming.Psychology,think Psychology=)

Looks like no matter how advanced mankind is,we’ll never EVER know what the future holds for us.I hope 2010 will be a fulfilling year.It’s a year which all of us have to study like crazy for there’s only one chance.Don’t ruin it.2010-I promise that I won’t indulge in anymore craziness and stuff that may seek to make me miserable all the time.I’ll think nothing but family,friends and grades.It’s for the best I guess.The only fact for sure is that it won’t be a breeze(who says life is ever that easy as ABC?),however I do wish that it would be good.A year of tests and frets,a year of smiles and tears,a year that would be reminsicent of my fondest memories in many years to come.

Don’t ever look back.


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Italian footies.

Seeing this makes me sad.=(

I think I have an obsession with Italian footballers.Make it young Italian footballers.First Macheda now Fabio Borini.The most remarkable thing is they’re both only 18 and they are currently playing for two of the world’s most popular football team.Only 18 and yet,instant recognition.Talk abt the prowess of football publicity.I like Beckham best=)Anw,Borini is so cute lah.I mean,to be accepted by Chelsea..okay fine Chelsea’s no pushover and they have good players like Lampard,Terry and the likes,but normally,I don’t like Chelsea.Not.At.All,but I think I shall make an exception for Borini hahah.I’m watching Chelsea TV from now on.BUT Manchester United’s priority.

I have no idea why I’m spewing football stuff nonstop.The other day I was reading Torres’ biographical novel and it is so unlike me to be engrossed in a …footballer’s world.Looks like even the world is upside down at times.Now every dinnertime,my bro and I talk in football language and I feel like punching myself sometimes for becoming the person that I’ve always feared to be.A footballic.How ironic,but I’m as happy as I can be.=)))

Getting back into reality,I suddenly find myself ambushed by loads of holiday assignments.Been doing Math for a few days already.Despite having so much to do,I’d rather stay at home and do my work than go back to school.cause staying at home allows me to do my stuff at my own time and whims.Doing what I want makes life a perfect heaven.Speaking of which,2009’s really coming to an end.Wow a whole decade is almost gone just like that.In 1999,I was only..7 years old.Boy oh boy.I don’t want to get caught in the whirlwind of JC life again,however it sure looks like there’s another year to go-a year of frets,tears,smiles and A levels before we all go on our separate ways cause the road ahead holds different promises and dreams for all of us.I sure hope the Psychology route is my own yellow brick road brimming with chances and dreams.

90 minutes of the game.The ball’s round.Anything can happen.Anything can go wrong or go right in this game of life.Now what are you waiting for?Go tackle them and play for your own rights.Like how they’ve stolen what should have been yours and you have to fight for your dreams.

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Tis the season to be jolly.

This Christmas,I want nothing but peace.I want no wars,no conflicts,no tragedies,no pain.Just pure,simple happiness for everyone.

Merry Christmas!

Oh and I really want Singapore to snow.Somehow,Christmas isn’t complete without snow and who knows when our sunny island will finally relent and give us snowballs.Tsk.This Christmas,I’m enjoying every single bit of it.Spending quality time with family and cousins on Christmas Eve is simply magical and digging into that humongous turkey is…let’s just say I’m staying off chicken and the likes for the next few days.Thinking of that alone makes me full already.Anyway.Merry Christmas folks and A very Happy New Year.

I can’t get Leslie’s Monica out of my head.That’s it I’m gonna name my daughter Monica and my son Danny.Kidding not.

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MIA for so long…

I don’t care what people say,but I absolutely lovelovelove Danny Chan Bak Keung even though he’s long dead.His songs are just epic.I want another Encore.

Okay I know I’ve been MIA these few days.Well,the reason is because  I just had my keloid removal operation.So far I’ve removed the bandage and I’m just praying and hoping that the new skin will”merge” with the old skin so it won’t look so out of place and hope the purplish colour will go offf soon,like before school starts.Okay so during the op,the doctor gave me the anaesthetic through the injection and it was really painful,worse than an ant bite.Hmph.The nurse covered my eyes with this goggle like thing to block out that glaring light and so when the anaesthetic took effect,I could feel practically nothing yet it was really scary cause the keloid removal meant that the doc had to cut it off my skin and attach the skin at the back of my earlobe to the place where the keloid was cut off.I could feel the thing going “snip snip” and yes there was the cutting sound,yet I couldn’t FEEL A THING.That was really…frustrating and intimidating.And I could hear the doc going “here I’m going to do the skin graph now”,”Help me hold this to stop the blood” and “isn’t it amazing how this thing can stop the blood?” and I was like “BLOOD?Of course I didn’t mutter a word and I know there was going to be blood but the fact that I couldn’t feel a thing-no pain at all and there was blood was still surreal.GOD I HATE THAT FEELING.THERE’S A REASON WHY WE HAVE SENSES.Hahah and the worst thing was the anaesthetic started wearing off when the doc started stitching my wounds.Then I felt the pain.and it was freaking painful,I felt like I was being operated on alive which is.with the pain.Had to take painkillers every 4 hours after that.GOSH I hate stitches.Absolutely hatehatehate them.I want to change my hairstyle,I want to change..everything and this is getting increasingly frustrating.Grr.Some days you just wake up being so mad at the world.Well,today is one of those days that I woke up feeling slightly bleary eyed and irrated and as the day progresses it just gets worse.Can’t wait for the day to end.

Yes I’m worried damndamndamn worried.To hell with this sucky worrying feeling.Oh skin pleasepleaseplease heal.Oh and there’s that Buffett book.That book is one way to kill insomnia.Really kill it.SO much for being “brutally honest” when it is really a bore.Sigh.

Danny Chan sings real good in English too.Love all his English songs,but the Canto totally pawns all of them.

“You are the one that I’ll love in all my years”

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Stephen Jordan’s just..gorgeous.

I love English boys and I think they are beyond the epitome of hot.Okay,make it English Footballers.Look at David Beckham and Michael Owen~~~My current favourite is Stephen Jordan from Burnley(He reminds me of Manutd’s Michael Carrick)and Omg I’m like swooning now.He makes left backs look damn sexy!I wanted to find  a more decent photo of him but I can’t.so this above picture seriously do no justice to him lah,but he looks AWESOME on cable muahah.But he’s married.WHY ARE ALL HOT FOOTBALLERS ALL MARRIED BEFORE THRITY?So totally not.fair.=( but at least there’s still hubby Macheda.(and my daddy,mommy and bro are going to start rolling their eyes again and get goosebumps on their skin.But no one can come in between me and Macheda.No.One.=))))

Really need to start hitting the books again however I’m still in my lala world.Recently I’ve developed a love for the 80s music be it English,Chinese or Cantonese and I realised that the 80s HK really is a melting pot for music and the singers back then really made a large impact on the world.It is so ironic that last time I used to be shaking my head at my mom for listening to Danny Chan’s music repetitively and I was practically like”mommy is he really that good???” and now,I’m in love with Danny Chan.Those who know me well will go…

“M.Y why do you go for dead people???”

I know right.Danny Chan’s been dead for 16 years.

 First James Dean.then Duncan Edwards.then Danny Chan.Sigh.Always a sad sad sad case.

But back in the 80s,Danny Chan was really on fire kay.He’s like the prince of sentimental songs that kind plus he is really handsome.Much better than Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau can.I can’t stop listening to his songs now.He’s a brilliant composer lah and I nearly teared when I listened to some of the oldies.Understanding Cantonese has a plus point as it allows me to feel the song more and his crooning vocals really tug at your heartstrings.Oh man why can’t we have more singers like him?The world is in desperate need of singers with more personality in this industry which constantly churns out bubblegum pop wannabes who are replicas of one another.

We need more Elvis Presley,Michael Jackson,Beatles,Beyond,Sam Hui and the likes.

I miss the old days.

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Homework and Astronomy.

Mermaids do exist.Once upon a melody,singing the same sad song over and over again for sailors lost at sea and for the hearts which are staying strong,but falling apart all the same.

I guess it’s really time to get my head back to studying.Everyday,my motivation and drive to study declines more and more and I won’t be surprised if I forgot all that I ever studied before in my J1 year.There’s really plenty of work to be done and I’m really scared that my brain will be full of fluff and pointless stuff when school begins yet I really do not want to go back to the “everyday mug and mug M.Y” all over again.As I’m really a visual person at heart, the need to draft notes and mindmaps for all my subjects can get very tiring and frustrating at times and it really is time consuming.I think I need to do up a timetable these holidays.

Cleared my room the other day.Everything’s spick and span now.My notes and study materials finally have an ounce of organisation and all are placed accordingly to the subjects and hopefully this makes searching for the correct stuff easier from now on.No more hunting down for chunks of coloured lecture notes strewn all over the place-YAY ME.My table’s finally decent looking=) Oh and this brings me to stationary shopping.Most of my colored pens are leaving me high and dry as they’re practically dying on me.HOW TO WRITE NOTES LIKE THAT.I need color,color and more COLOR.Call me fussy,but those who knows me well will know that I can’t stand plain boring notes in sheer yellow highlighted stuff and black ink.I like to write everything in different colors and brighten up stuff.It catches my attention this way and allows me to remember stuff in an easier way.Okay why am I writing abt my writing notes habit?Cause my life is so mundane now that it’s gonna revert back to study mode.And I still need to read that Warren Buffett book and write a summary on it.Oh shucks.There’s like 12 sets of math papers in IVLE to be completed when school reopens too.I hate ploughing through this horrendous stack of ..measly stuff that is denying me my holiday.Teachers will say that it’s for our own good and you can’t disagree with it either but still.It doesn’t leave us with much choice either right.

I’m like three years late(and this is so random),but I feel kinda sad that Pluto is no more.Like,the 9th planet is already has been.Like what happened to my childhood?I mean I recall stuff being taught telling us that the solar system has 9 planets and suddenly out of the blue they say that Pluto is no longer a planet.It’s like WTH.It’s like discarding away all the stuff regarding astronomy that I read up years ago.That’s why I  felt so….and decided to join the Fb group that says when I was your age Pluto was a planet.Disney has a mongrel called Pluto too!=).Oh and after 10 months of studying in MJC,I found out that the 5 houses in MJ were actually named after moons found in planets.=.=Trust me to take that long.You know,recently my interest in Astronomy has been relit again and it’s so cool to find out more about another galaxy out there.The idea that the stars that we’re gazing at now are the same stars that people from thousands of years ago were looking at then is really bizarre and surreal.Across the centuries many things are constantly happening on earth,changes that has nearly ruined mother earth-and the stars are silent witnesses to mankind’s faults and wrongdoings.Simply astounding.Why can’t the school teach us more sensible stiuff like Astronomy instead of Physics or something.It make more sense.And yes,I do believe in an alternative universe out there.Maybe a more intelligent lifeform exists somewhere out there and we humans who are supposedly technologically advanced and able to conquer the world with our nuclear weapons and evil thoughts are nothing but primitive beasts as compared to them.How wonderful.I guess we will never know as the human brain can only carry us this far.

I can’t say that I’m terribly disappointed in you but I can’t say I don’t feel a thing either.You’ve done the best thing you can ever do for me.To throw my hopes into a wayward high and let them crash down aimlessly and walk on without a care,all the while knowing that that’s my heart you’re trampling on.However now all these must come to an end and be laid to rest,like the dying embers of the fire.

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17th and Lotsa thanks.

Firstly let me start off…











okay was the font big enough genie aka hot guy spotter just like me?haha hey genie thanks alot.All the stuff that you wrote in the card nearly made me cry you know.I’m awfully touched.We WILL go shopping one day okay.No matter what happens next time,I will be there for you okay and likewise,call me anytime you feel like talking=)

Wow I’m 17 alrdy.Yah one more year to being legal and stuff.one more year to being an adult which means that I can go party and stuff legally.Haha buy that means there’s alot of responsibility awaiting me too.Somehow I wanna be a kid again.It makes life much easier and happier I guess.

Anw,lemme tell you what totally made my day yesterday when I woke up earlier in the morning.Okay here goes.I switched on my laptop,went to the first website I always go to(manutd.com) and guess what?


YAYYYYY TOTALLY MADE MY DAY CAN.I LOVELOVELOVE MICHAEL OWEN TO DEATH LAH AND IF I WEREN’T MARRIED TO MACHEDA MICHAEL OWEN WOULD HAVE BEEN MY HUBBY ALREADY!haha okay minus the last part but I was thrilled.Really.Those people who assumed that Michael Owen is long past his golden era in scoring goals are wrong and they better have a reality check cause this is Manchester United’s Michael Owen whom I’m talking about,not the Newcastle’s one.See,his career has a second stab at life again after donning on the RedDevils jersey muahaha.SO I really hope Capello paid attention to his three goals and reconsider him for the England squad.After all,in his heyday,Michael was England’s top striker and Liverpool’s Great okay!

Can’t wait for Villa match muahahaha.

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