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Seeing DOUBLE or not..?

When I first saw this Burberry ad,I was like “HUNK ALERT!” Wait.Who is this hottie?

Same eyes same pout same arching eyebrows…WAIT.

Slowly the astonishment seeped in.

OMFG ALEX WATSON EMMA’S 17 YEAR OLD BROTHER.SO DAMN HOTTTTTTTTTTTT.My head feels clouded by this sudden revelation.It’s astounding.The Watsons sure have good genes!

They look like fraternal twins.Really I felt like I was seeing a spitting image of what a girl would look like if she was a boy.Speaking of spitting looks…

CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHO IS THIS?I know you are gonna say “JAMES DEAN LAH!” but THEN….




I felt like I was seeing DOUBLE.

OH ANYWAY James Franco played Jimmy in the autobiographical movie James Dean(2001)-it was  a telemovie.I want to watch!and oh yeah like hell he sure looks like my idol.reallyreallyreally.I think he is James Dean reincarnated or sth.It’s such a coincidence that both their first names is James too.I think Jimmy lived in him lol.But srsly.I’m getting confused for no real reason.I don’t know why too.Okay I’m in love with Franco now but Fabregas’s still number 1=)Oh and you know they wanted to cast Leonardo Dicaprio or Ethan Hawke as Jimmy?I was like as much as Leo Dicaprio is my all time favorite actor(I can’t forget my Leomania days)and Ethan Hawke is really WOW,but they don’t LOOK like James Dean.At least NOT like how Franco looks like James Dean reincarnated or something.Yet I’m still not answering my own question:is the guy on the poster Franco or Dean?????

I think it shld be Dean right?His eyes say so.OMG I DON’T KNOW.

I shld be doing serious work,but I’m deviating a little bit because It’s Friday.=)

SO now more time with pop culture and hottie celebs and Connie just introduced me to this AWESOME British drama called Skins.Nicholas Hoult,Mitch Hewer and Luke Pasqualino FTW.Their British accent is simply alluring..and soccer of course!FABREGAS=D

Westlife’s I’ll see you again is hauntingly beautiful and heartwrenching.


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Voices from what’s long past.


Wednesdays are supposedly good for sleeping in,but NO not today cause there’s Ms Lai’s talk.Sigh.I don’t know whether to say I’m pressured into studying or not but I just wanna do things at my own will and speed.Too much nagging gets me nowhere seriously.and screw PE there’s PE tmrw.Sigh.Sighsighsighsigh.Right now I simply can’t stop talking about Fabregas and Idk why,it seems like my outlet for releasing pent up stress and I need to crap away the pressure and suffocation.

You know I think I’m through with all the things that I’m sick of.All that will haunt me no more for I feel nothing now.I must admit that this morning’s talk really freaked me a little but after that everything merely evaporated into a thin whoosh of air and tada I forgot all the earlier anxiety fits that I had.If I sensed it then,I know it now,that everything that happens in between is not worth a single bit of worry for no matter what we do,somehow,there exists a path that already lies ahead for each and every single one of us.I hope whatever that path is,treacherous painful horribly wrong or what,I’m gonna get through it somehow.

It’s a funny world.Everything has got its own time and place and I guess we humans are only having a temporary existence.Nothing’s permanent.Not even death.Our own limitations lastly is only determined by the constraints of our own mind and that doesn’t say alot about human capability.For whatever that we believe in ultimately remains a figment of a fantasy for reality leaves no space for any whimsical expectations of our definitions of a perfect world.We’re not living in it anymore.Not when we cry and break into a thousand fragments of what used to be us so easily.It’s different now.Devastated beings don’t heal as quickly as skinned knees and it isn’t gonna be made alright with fairytales and hot chocolate.Cinderella won’t always find a Prince with her glass slipper and knights on white horses don’t always come and sweep you off your feet for they too get lost in the abstract complexity of whatever that has been.So put away your magic wands for conjuring magic out of air no longer appeals and won’t save us anymore.

But hush baby.Don’t you cry.You will stay strong and won’t fall so easily.At least,you won’t fall so hard ever again for now you know.

All that you had believed once had happened once.and that’s more than enough for the rest of etenity.Ultimately,everything will be a blank space and it will be as though no humans have ever lived before,and there’s no justification for any pain or any happiness.All that exists is neutrality.

Goodnight.Time for Fabregas and my dreams.

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CESC FABREGASI LOVE THIS DUDE.Let’s make this Mingyee Macheda Fabregas Foo Dean Chan.

ANDREI ARSHAVINI think Arshavin is AWESOME but he’s taken sigh.

NICKLAS BENDTNERI’m happy cause with Van Persie out he’s always in the first squad when it comes to strikers.

AARON RAMSEYI’m bettting the future on him!  Next Ryan Giggs?Who knows eh?*winks*

Okay so you may wonder.As a hardcore Manchester United fan,why on earth am I blogging about Arsenal eh?Cause Arsenal is my SECOND FAVOURITE football team ever!If it wasn’t for David Beckham,Ryan Giggs and C.Ronaldo,I would have became a Gunners fan since many years ago.I love Arsenal cause they play football effortlessly and Arsenal is the team brimming with hot guys aka eyecandies every single match-CAUSE ALL OF THEM ARE YOUNG.The average age is like twenties.

OH AND I MUST SAY THIS- Fabregas has grown on me.I think he’s getting hotter and more sexy this season-don’t ask me why,he’s just really hot now.and he’s still really young,like only 22?and look at his close knitted eyebrows and the way they enhance the features of his eyes.I think if I ever look him striaght in the eyes in real life,the burning intensity of it would leave me swooning and I would be so happy that my soul would have been in haven.This is the best thing about Arsenal I swear hahaha.

Anyway,I love ManUtd,but it’s like Arsenal is wow compared to the reddevils.It really has got to do alot with YOUTH.I mean,after being a football fanatic for so long,I think Arsenal has the same style of playing like Barcelona,except if it’s possible,Arsenal is more attractive and plays even more prettier nifty football.I think they make football look like an Art,a Craft you know.Those who have not watched soccer yet-I strongly recommend you to watch one of those matches with the Gunners in it.They play absolutely the most BEAUTIFUL AND GRACEFUL form of football EVER.Enuff said about that.

I mean those extremely fast,smooth and slick passes are skills that most footballers would die for.They are superduper quick in their pace and even Torres once said before that he found it hard to play against the youngsters for once they have the ball,it’s almost impossible for you to get them back.and this season,the youngsters in Arsenal had learnt the art of tackling,which makes every game they play in efficient and keeps you on the gripping end of your seat.It’s really beautiful how much must I emphasize this?However one downside is that even though their football is really pretty,but they always end up passing and passing and passing the ball in a roundabout way each time they are near the 6 yard box of their opponent’s goalpost.and so,they hardly get to score.You could say their tactics is kinda all brawn and no brains,but ah,isn’t that the epitome of youth?

Young and reckless, aggressive and still fresh.Arsenal’s probably called Gunners cause their players are young and have the capacity to gun more goals.It’s like a different thing when you watch Manutd,Chelsea and Liverpool-those are MEN and Arsenal are boys.It kinda hurt when they were criticised as boys against men when they lost to Manutd and Chelsea respectively,and I don’t think it’s their fault.It’s just that the former teams are really experienced and know their skills really well and they know what they are doing.There’s this degree of self control and you seldom see the brashness of speed and hot-headed determination anymore.

In fact,it’s this quality that make me adore Arsenal.It’s a  parallel to reality.It’s a sad thing that we know that players in Arsenal won’t stay on forever.They can’t be one club men like Giggs,Scoles,Gerrard and the likes.After they grow older,they would go and move on to other clubs.I mean,look at Theiry Henry and other players who had left?I think it’s got to do with Arsene Wenger’s policy about raising talented youth to become one of the world’s greatest football stars and let’s just leave it as that.So I think Arsenal is like a training ground in preparation for the REAL WORLD that kinda thing and it’s that aspect that makes it a direct parallel to reality.All of us can’t stay on in one place forever.We all got to move on one day.

And it’s really depressing that just when Fabregas(Fabby) has become my favourite ever Gunner,there’s speculation that at the end of the season,he’s going to Barcelona.I mean,can’t say it’s surprising cause Wenger had “took” him away from Barca when he was just 16.He was a Barca youth and I think Barcelona runs in his blood.Besides if he wants to consolidate his position in the Spain first team,roughing up in Barca would do him the best good in the world.SADSADSAD CASE.But I rather him go back to Barca than him signing for Real Madrid any day.OH FABREGAS.=(

After saying so much however,I think Arsenal would always be second best after Manutd in my books.It’s just that Manutd are MEN and Arsenal are just BOYS.I really must stop contradicting myself.

Okay let’s try again…

Here you go:

Manchester United is my husband,while Arsenal is my soulmate-and that’s the way it is.

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That’s what I’m gonna make my future husband and my kid do with me.

I’ve been thinking alot about life lately and each time I snap out of the dreamy trance with loads of worries and ifs.So in such cases mugging is really therapeutic.Today was Reach day and it was boring,but somewhat entertaining at the same time.Today I was being a good girl and letting Jonny rant and whine about absolutely anything and it was mildly comical yet I had my limitations and some stuff were…let’s just say Naeem punched him well.Loved night talk with JY ytd.I managed to make her laugh out loud for more than one minute-yay new record okay jking.Anw I went slightly nuts ytd and I was going arnd complaining to friends about how I don’t wanna be 70 and regret things that I didn’t do when I was 17.Actually I really don’t see much sense in any of these now.It makes no sense.Sorry for the incoherency of my thoughts but everything’s all cluttered now give me some time to steel back my emotions and let everything fall into place.I hate how tears come so readily now and how a minor thing can just trigger the waterworks.You know,I think James Dean is lucky.I KNOW IT’S RANDOM BUT.

He is lucky cause I think if he had lived,he wouldn’t have been able to match up to the expectations that others have placed on him.I mean,even a rebel would grow old and naturally become one of the pillars of community and just conform.You will no longer have the energy to fight back whenever someone calls you chicken.I think he would have been stereotyped for the rest of his life as Jimmy and then you get one of those prolific actors who never really get anywhere due to a fixed casting and limitations and stuff.I don’t know why I suddenly thought of Dean-it’s prolly cause I’ve reached the stage where you just wanna burst out at the whole world.Anyway,I think he’s lucky cause he’s immortalised as the emblem of youth-the recklessness,vulnerability and the lofty aspirations of what it is like to be fresh and amazingly young.He’s the only rebel who no longer has to give a damn to societal expectations and be free to love and hate for the good of him.For us,we have to suppress our emotions and inner rage and plaster a phony smile on our faces to get ourselves through the day.It’s no wonder why we age so quickly.I’m too young to feel this old.

Live fast,die young and have a good looking corpse.” 

Not everyone is that lucky.I have loads of things to do and complete and the list is neverending darling.

It’s funny how the world seem so depopulated just because of the absence of a single person.

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Nothing’s ever official in life.Nothing.

Tmrw’s the last studying day of the week.There’s some REACH activity on Friday and it’s like Zzzzzzzz.I don’t know what’s wrong w me nowadays.I feel panicky,stressed,depressed and angry for no sane reason.Homework stresses the hell out of me and I’m finding myself a very angsty girl of late and I keep swearing every few minutes.It’s hard not to swear when you are in J2.and so they wonder why J2s curse so damn much.Must be the post CNY holiday blues I think.EconsEconsEcons is really driving me up the wall.It’s so irritating that I can’t stand it.I think I’ll be in heaven once I kiss Econs goodbye in December.Can’t bloody wait.

CNY was okay.Nothing special though it’s like the same every year.But it’s good seeing relatives and cousins you’ve not seen for more than a year or so.And I really wanna talk to my cousin on my granddad’s side.He’s the same age as me and yet I haven’t spoke to him once at all every CNY.I sit there and he’ll be standing there.Awkward.The last time I spoke to him was like,3 years ago I think.One day I will find the right words to say and have a decent conversation with him.Cause we’re cousins after all and it’s weird not to chatter especially since we’re all grown up now.Till next year.Maybe I can talk to him about driving lessons and stuff who knows eh?

Today was so-so.Math is nutzo and revising Econs repenishes my memory but who knows how long that will last.and doing WH essay reminds me that I nearly forgot about WH and it scares the daylights out of me for WH seems to be the easiest Lit text in the A levels.MBTs are coming in less than 30 days and I feel so unarmed.and there’s that ultra boring hospital appointment tomorrow.Sigh.I CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY ALREADY.

I’m sorry for the incessant grumbles.There’s just nth fascinating about my life now.It’s not my fault that the school is making studies my new best friend.I swear I have a love-hate relationship with JC life.

Random fact-SQUIRREL’S my lucky animal for March according to some magazine muahaha.

Maybe deep down there’s a loss that can’t be replaced.I should stop contradicting myself.

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Teen Angst and mumblings.

Awww this is so adorable!

Anyway,it’s FRIDAY tomorrow!Yay this week had been tiring.Which week isn’t eh?and it’s CNY on Sunday.Why???CNY is okay,not my favorite though.I don’t hate it nor do I like it either.I think there will be alot of small talk over the weekend.It’s boring but it only comes once a year so I think it’s alright.As usual,there’s LOADS OF HOMEWORK.WHY DO ALL TEACHERS LOVE DROWNING US IN HOMEWORK.WHAT ECONS?SCREW ECONS TTM.I’ve never detest Econs as much as I do now,really.And I’m getting paranoid about my skirt.Like wth it’s not even short darling,Sigh I can’t wait for the day I get out of MJ.No more skirt checkings and bleh all sorta stuff.On a random note,I wish I was born one month later so that I’ll be a J1.why are there so many eyecandies in J1?It’s not fair there is an unequal allocation of resources!It’s not fair that so much is concentrated in one area which has resulted in inequity elsewhere….BLEAH ECONS LOOK AT WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME=( and the weather is so freaking hot I swear.I feel my insides melting and PE was horrible today cause the sun was out to kill.Thank God for the wind if not I think we’ll all be fried pancakes.My frisbee hit Miss Lim’s head today ouch.Lucky she was wearing a cap.It’s not fair that Kev spoke to him!!!!=( I’m always denied.I think I’m sounding extremely whiny nowadays and I don’t know why.I hate being a girl.You wake up sometimes and feel that life is a total bitch.Today’s one of those days.

I hate Singapore’s weather.LET IT SNOW!Naeem said that global warming was not true and it is a phenomenon just like the Ice Age.Wow so does that mean that when the earth reaches boiling point all of us will be wiped out like the dinosaurs?Mommy says”why worry?by that time all  of us will be gone!”


A thousand years later who actually cares whether the earth will be destroyed or swallowed in darkness or a different lifeform on another universe will occur or something.There’s too much uncertainties in life to even justify whatever that will happen.You know I hate the somewhat jaded way I look at life now.It’s as though all of us start off being idealistic only to be turned into a cynic during the journey.It’s like you wanna grow up and change the world,yet the world changed you in the process-or maybe it’s we who had changed ourselves..for the worse.Growing up kinda sucks albeit the laughter comes the tears and sometimes I wonder do we have to give up everything we stand for just for the good of the moment?We’re precariously treading on our every step trying to avoid the fragile pieces which are holding us together.One day those pieces will give in and shatter and what will become of us?We’re all fragile little limited things.Pathetic human figures who have no say in life and in death.One day I will wake up and all these will just be a dream in another world which I’m living in.I will get home one day.

Sometimes,if you stand on the bottom rail of a bridge and lean over to watch the river slipping slowly away beneath you, you will suddenly know everything there is to be known.~Winnie the Pooh.

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A Memory without Pictures.

Hello My friend.

Today I was going along with the daily chores of life and school has wore me out so much that I don’t think I can squeeze any thoughts in anymore.My muscles were aching from the run just now and I’m gonna sleep soon but I happen to think of you.I realise that it’s been quite sometime already since you’ve left.I missed you and so I try to search in my heart for you.You said once that nothing lasts.I didn’t believe it,and yet it’s happening to me now.Maybe my memory is failing me,but I can’t find you anymore.

You’ve moved away.

It took me so long to come to terms with it.When you left,you took abit of my heart along with you and time helped me forget.My mind wants me to forget the pain you’ve inflicted on me when you left and how my happiness had dimmed with the faltering stars in the sky.I think I saw your shadow lurking by the other day and I wanted so badly to hug you like it’s the very last moment in time.I wanted to ask you to play with me again,like the way you used to.Before I could even talk to you,you were gone.I felt so alone,but I knew that everything was gonna be alright cause you said so.

You’ve moved away,but you’ve never truly left have you?You’re still alive in my memories,dancing away all the unhappiness in life with your all knowing eyes and carefree demeanour.Singing the songs of lore and magic,you’ll always be a part of me darling.Everyday I forget a little more about you,and everyday,with the turning of time,that sunshine smile had slowly fade and the orangey warmth of the sunset gave way to dark uncertain nights.What’s left is a ghost of a memory and an empty shell of what was once a life.I know one day,it will be filled again.

You know what friend?Let’s just move on for that’s what people do.For now and for the rest of your life,stay happy,like the summers where you danced and sang along with the wind kissing your cheek,under that vast azure blue sky.Back to the summers when your hair was longer and the grass was greener.

I miss you still,but the ache is gone.You know the place between awake and dreaming?That’s where I will always love you and we’ll be together once more,laughing and dancing for as long as the day is long and my mother hasn’t called me home for dinner yet.

Goodbye friend.Till we meet again.


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