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It’s finally the weekends!

Unlike the everyday mundane life of studying, the weekends are like days brimming with unexpectancy and the prospect of sleeping and chilling is comforting,like we’re doing something out of the norm for once.This week has been relatively short for me as I had fallen sick at the starting of the week and stuff, but nevertheless I’m elated to have got the boring 5 day schooling week over and done with.

Ytd had a cp meet up with Nicole as well as Gary.We lunched at BBQ Chicken and spent most of the lunchtime talking abt the most randomnest things on earth and I’m amazed at how a simple thing can be fleshed out so thoroughly and we can harp on and on and on abt the same old thing over and over again and each time it sounds so incredibly funny anyway.Met Nicole and Walter at Coffee Bean and my ice blended mocha is nice,kudos to Asyraf’s taste.I don’t even know how to go into specifics abt yesterday but I just know that I talked alot until my throat went dry-ytd affirmed the fact that there’s no way in hell I could stand the stench of cigarette smoke.It is totally choking and so thick and how can anyone have a romanticised idea of smoking? Speaking of which, I can’t wait for the supposedly March issue of Musings to be released on Wednesday!I’m really excited for our team really put in damn loads of effort into the magazine, particularly the designers who had to do lots of last minute corrections and stuff,but it’s really too long a delay.We’re already embarking on our very last ISSUE already and time really flies huh.Asyraf is alrdy seen as the ex-president hahahahaah.

I realized that there’s loads of things to do this weekend and all the homework and notes are snowballing like no one else business.One thing to be greatful of is that we’ve FINALLY finished our Econs syllabus for Alevels.WOW.

Wednesday mornings are no longer for sleeping in.


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Denial-yeah right.

Feeling sad’s such a common thing now that it’s weird not to feel sad.

I think I have enough of the human race.I just want to be alone.I don’t want to be human it’s so tiring being human.Human means that you are open to vulnerabilities and pain.I don’t want all of this fucking shit anymore.TO have the heart ripped out of you and being trampled on the ground by the forces of what you cannot control and being tossed around like some idiotic puppet is not what I want at the expense of being human.Damn it fuck it whatever.I’m extremely vulgar these days so stay away from me.I don’t want to offend you with my tongue and glare.I can go on ranting that life’s unfair and whatever but it won’t change anything now so I might as well just save my breath for something more drastic.Life bloody hell sucks and I don’t know why we need to go through all these pain.I need to move away frm this place,from this crazy insane world where nothing goes right.I’m not bitter,just sad.I’ve developed a phobia for receiving any kinda results now.

Plus I realized that at the end of the day,you count on nobody but yourself.Everyone has their own share of problems and such a devastating hit is enough to drive anyone suicidal.You know what makes a good week for me?A week where throughout the 5 days in school my eyes don’t give way to tears that easily and I don’t feel that familliar sinking feeling in my guts all the time.

Maybe once you hit rock bottom,there’s nowhere you can go but up.Yeah right.SO you can see that as I’m typing this I’m extremely sleep deprived and my mind’s saturated with the horror of this morning and I’m not in the sanest of condition so don’t mind me.I need to sleep.A good,long sleep.Maybe when I wake up I can convince myself that this is just a horrible nightmare.Right.

Till then,good riddance.

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SO today I went for Tempest with Tam,Puja and the rest of the MJ lit and drama peeps.We went on bus and then it was really funny halfway.We went through this tunnel,which was actually a highway and Tam was like”omg we just entered the tunnel!quick put your hand on the ceiling of the bus and make a wish!it will come true!!!!”and Puja and I were like okay and so we did.Puja refused to let go of it until we crossed the tunnel and apparently it stretched for god knows how long because it was a highway.When the others on the bus saw us having one hand on the ceiling Tam explained and everyone followed suit.It was really funny.It was so long okay and my arms were aching and we were all like”OMG WE SEE THE LIGHT WE SEE THE LIGHT!PPLE ONLY LET GO AFTER YOU CROSS THE TUNNEL FULLY!”

Highlight of the day-CHRISTIAN CAMARGO/ARIEL-I can’t get over how hot he is.and he’s born on 7 July 1971,and YES Puja he is turning 40 soon!!!!Next year at least.I know I’m going to cry man.This guy looks so young,he doesn’t look a day older than 25 or something.His body is so lean and toned okay it’s so…yummy.Okay that sounds wrong but still.I cannot emphasize enough.I love Ariel so much,he’s like the most intriguing character of all in the Tempest due to his love-hate relationship with Prospero.Omg and The Tempest was way awesome!!!Expected nothing less frm Sam Mendes of course but it was brilliant,I love it so so so much.It’s like the best play I’ve seen,so far.The shakespearean language was abit hard to follow at times but it’s okay,it’s got its fair share of comical scenes and love story,action and of course,eye candies!ARIEL OMG.FORGET LITTLE MERMAID ARIEL’S THE NEW NAME FOR HOT GUYS AND HOT STUFF.

I think I’m in love.

Anw, I love Stephen Dillane’s portrayal of Prospero.Even though I’ve never read the play before,I think it’s a beautiful and magical story judging on what I’ve seen.Prospero’s like so fatherly,accessible,like you could relate to him so..human and  I love his master-servant relationship with Ariel.I was like “poor Ariel” at first when Prospero demands Ariel to be at his beck and call ALL THE TIME and when he begged Prospero to let him go” please master!” and he refused to,I was like how come he so bad man.The irony is when Prospero released him in the end,I was “NOOOOO DON’T LET ARIEL GO.IF YOU REALLY WANT TO,GIVE HIM TO ME!”It was kinda like a tearful goodbye,for me-don’t go Ariel!!!Honestly the relationship between the two men were touching.I think Ariel shld just stay by Prospero’s side.I hope Shakespeare is listening,amidst the heavens above.Oh and I had the shock of my life when I saw Ariel donned in that evening gown.I was like WTH.But I would still want him even if he’s a woman.He makes a pretty girl.HAHAH.Sigh and omg the moment when he appeared in that pair of angel wings-I KNOW I’M GONNA LOVE HIM FOR LIFE.OMG MY OWN PERSONAL SPIRIT/ANGEL!!! I’m gushing like a crazy girl frm the asylum now but I don’t care for he’s srsly fucking hot,even hotter than Ethan Hawke!

Oh and you know I got freaked out by Caliban’s opener.He was really scart and intimidating.Ron Cephas Jones portrayed Caliban to be so deliciously evil and yet,comical at the same time.That’s what I call acting.He’s prolly the actor who really stood out.Stephano,Trinculo and Caliban offer a huge amount of comic relief and as evil as they are,they’re unforgivingly funny.On the other hand,I really DON’T like Juliet Rylance’s Miranda.She’s pretty,but one sided superficial portrayal in my opinion.Miranda should be much better.and Edward Bennett’s Ferdinand is okay.satisfactory but not fantastic.The love scenes between Bennett and Rylance are abit stale though-they’re too old to act like 16 year olds in love for the first time.

BIGGEST IRONY-JULIET RYLANCE IS MARRIED TO CHRISTIAN CAMARGO. (Nooo but nevermind in my dreams he’s not.keep dreaming haha)

The props and settings are really simple to the bare minimum,but surprisingly for me it didn’t affect my viewing of the play.I caught Mendes’ idea on the inner spirit world and the outer world thing-it was clever.I didn’t know there was WATER on stage,separating the outer world and the spirt world.Oh and the circle of sand was really COOL.Seeing Ariel venturing in between both worlds was nice cause that meant more stage time=)Oh I just love Ariel.Ariel,I shall name my future son Ariel.Okay set.

I feel like watching the play again.

Oh and the most fabulous part was that the cast actually sat down and spoke to us after the play!There was a Q&A session and I rushed down frm my circle sitting and managed to sit in front,and I was facing Christian Camargo!!!omggggg he’s damn hot okay.He was wearing this black jacket and he zipped it up halfway=.= WHY? and unlike the rest of the cast who were wearing sandals or slippers he was wearing shoes haha.He’s really really cute.His dazzling smile is enough to send me to dreamland.Oh and he look so young!!!!!!!!really.I still can’t believe he’s 38 alrdy desite checking all the sources.Sigh.So nice and amiable,hard to believe that he played the ice truck killer in Dexter *shudders*.So people frm all over the hall were shouting out their questions and the cast were answering them and there was this lady which I think is…Blah asked something abt the casting being racist for getting a black man to act as the nemesis or sth.I mean HELLO he’s prolly the best man for the job right it doesn’t mean the blacks are always playing bad guys if that thought ever cross your mind that means you are believing the hype also right.There was like an awkward silence after she posed the question man.Hmph.AWWWWW and there’s this MJ dude who posed a qns specially for Christian and he asked him abt the difference in acting onstage and on screen aka Dexter.HAHAH AND OH HE’S THE ONE WHO ACTED IN CSI!

I’m so glad my last minute impulse to go for the Tempest paid off.I would have killed myself if I didn’t go.Wait I wouldn’t cause I won’t know.BUT


Okayy enough gushing.I’m gonna go dream abt him now okay.Goodnight.

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Writing’s really therapeutic,so is blogging=)

Hello WordPress it feels like ages since I’ve seen you.Been heavily addicted to Tumblr these days and I guess I’m only flying back to WordPress for regular blogging every now and then but not much read this space anyway so I’m guiltless in spending so much time marvelling at pretty photos and nodding my head at quotes which seems to make so much sense here.Join me at sugarshootingstars!Haha talking about Tumblr on WordPress sounds as though I’m cheating on my fiancee or sth like that.It’s been awhile I guess and  I don’t know why but sometimes life is so shitty,like shite and blogging and revealing all your utmost inner depth emotions is a healer man,like through words complex emotions are able to take its form and you feel alot better after that.Term 2’s okay so far and my mbt results are really crappy and shitty esp Math and possibly many others too but I’m not gonna mourn over it now,it’s too early in the year for that.Wait till MYEs and I’ll decide whether I need a tutor or sth for it’s all revision frm July onwards.

I realised that my life pretty much circulate around school,grades,football and stuff like that now and it’s pretty boring.Tumblr’s like the place where I’m able to express almost everything-well some secrets are better kept to oneself isn’t it?Idk why but I can’t stop tumblring-Connie also agrees that Tumblr zaps ur time away*winks* hahahahaa.I’m feeling quite proud of myself for finishing two novels this week and I think I’m in love with Cecelia Ahern and Nicholas Sparks all over again.Romance novels is sth that I can never ever get enough of.Epic romance is so worthy to die for man.Like Titanic!Hahah Okay I’m dreaming now.I need to do better in my studies now,like reallyreallyreally do.I need to be better and I know I have it in me to be better.It’s just that Math make me feel so useless sometimes and I can’t stop myself frm feeling depressed and sutff,but I think I’m better now,at handling my own moodswings and all idiotic things that come my way.Now,I feel like I keep more stuff to myself now,for I’ve learnt that sometimes talking everything out does not really solve problems so what for exactly?Like what I said,some things are better kept to oneself and everything will go fine.

I’m pretty much a studyholic and a football addict now(still am)and it’s April,time of spring and growth.Wonder what the next few months have installed.Whatever the case is,I know I’m gonna pull through.Darling friends,let’s hang in there okay!

I just wish I will be me,the unscathed me after all these ends.

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