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Rainy Sundays.

This is an amazing show.It’s so CID HongKongish,something you don’t really expect from Taiwan.

And so I’ve been MIA on WordPress for so long it’s great to be back.Tumbliring is quick and easy and I guess I was just too lazy for lengthy, thought provoking and draggy posts.Anw,what’s my life like after Monga?Sad to say the usual,if possible more busy as the days go by.You have no idea how much tests and homework the teachers are fanatically smothering us with now.So for the last two weeks I’ve been finishing a never ending stack of work, gone to Choir concert,had two farewells frm CP and erm,doing homework.Basically I’m still high on Mark Chao and I really wanna spend more quality Mark+soccer time but I’ve got Life to attend to.Yes Life is my boyfriend and he gets all whiny and pouty if I don’t pay the slightest attention to him.I think I’ll break up with him at the end of November.I know I’m sounding deranged,but we’re all mad here.And so the last two weeks when Im away frm WordPress,The EPL season has came and gone and goodness Chelsea won their first double ever in History-the EPL and FA.I’m not sad for Manutd has been there and done that so yeah they are so gonna get back next season=)

Anw speaking abt CP,it’s kinda sad that the issue of Musings which is most prolly gonna be released in Jul will be my last publication.It’s so sad,I mean how fast a year goes man.and my juniors are the awesommmmmmest ever and of course the most adorablleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can’t resist giving them a bigbigbig hug.Oh and did I MENTION THAT THEY ARE THE BUNCH OF CUTEST AND HIGH-EST AND CRAZIEST JUNIORS EVER?They make CP so much more livelier and fun and I swear that when they get high,they get so much higher than the house comm.Yes I’m serious.Can’t wait for their solo issue of Musings!

Anw the weather’s really erratic now and it’s hot and cold for no reason.Shldn’t the weather give us a warning or sth?Its fluctuations are making me feel sick and I swear that J2 has made my health less….robust.It’s got to do with the grueling schedule.Definitely.It’s Sunday now and I’m experiencing pangs of Monday blues but it’s okay it’s less serious now that it’s two more weeks to the one month holidays.I wouldn’t call it a holiday since I have to study for the MYEs but I love studying when I feel like it so it’s not that bad.Oh and there’s so much to look forward to the next two weeks.Soccer finals,colloseum,Taming of the shrew play and the holidays!(excluding GP exam.That’s not on my calendar.)Speaking of which it’s time for my Mark time now.I’m gonna watch Black&White the awesome drama I mentioned above.Vic and Mark are so cute!!!!!!!!Gushing like no end now.

Okay till then,stay safe and happy peeps.


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OMG I REALLY LOVE MONGA IT WAS THE BEST CHINESE MOVIE I’VE SEEN IN A LONG LONG LONG TIME.BEFORE I GET INTO DETAILS,DID I TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE 赵又廷 aka Mark Chao?Yes I think I did,but he’s the hottest Chinese actor I’ve seen in a long long long time.The last time was Ethan and that was…4 years ago?

Okay so today I went to watch Monga with Cheryl,Kev,Asyraf and Jonny.I was really hyped up for the movie and I was so excited but guess what.I got lost at the MRT station at Plaza Sing and Jonny had to pick me up frm the MRT station and we walked to the cinema to meet the guys.Thanks Jonny!I went berserk when I saw the HUGE Monga poster on display and when I saw a solo’s of Mark,I fainted.sososososo excited.

The movie was awesome no matter how I praised it,I still won’t be able to do justice to it.You have to watch it before you can tell.I haven’t watched a Chinese movie in the cinemas for AGES and Monga was the FIRST Taiwan movie I watched in the theatres.I must say that the storyline,even though it’s predictable, is still engrossing and really moving.I love the chemistry between the actors esp Mark and Ethan.God maybe they were brothers in their previous lives or something.Spoiler Alert!I was damn sad when they started bashing each other up and stuff they just shouldn’t do that.

Okay so the movie started with Mark telling his story.Idk why his name is mosquito there but yeah.Anyway he joined the Prince Gang alongside Ethan and Rhydian(he’s the leader of the gang and boy with his mix blood looks,he’s so hawt!) because of a….chicken leg.I know right.Anw, the whole movie basically showed Mosquito’s growing up process frm a 17 year old innocent boy to one of the members of the Prince Gang and his innocence and naivety is reallyreallyreally hilarious!!Boy oh boy,I couldn’t help but KEEP LAUGHING at his sheer innocence and silliness throughout the first half of the movie,esp the squid incident.GAWD THAT WAS EPIC.The gang thought he had died when he collided with two cars while escaping and they were like “wen zi?” and his eyes suddenly flashed open!Hahaha that part was downright funny.Oh and I love the soundtracks of the movie.There was this Cantonese song by Alan Tam and it was really catchy and the best part was…MARK LISTENS TO SONGS BY AIR SUPPLY-MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL.AWWWWWWWWWW.LIKE WHAT CHERYL SAID,”I’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH A GUY STRIAGHTAWAY IF HE MAKES ME LISTEN TO AIR SUPPLY’S SONGS”

SO SWEEEEEEEEET.Romance is but a small part of the story and I love the romance between Mark and the prostitute played by Alice Ke.She’s really pretty in real life,even so with that blue birthmark on her face.They shared such a sweet,pure love and it was really ironic that Mark patronises her not to have sex,but rather,as a form of escapism away frm his gang life.I think listening to music with her and keeping silent is a very romantic thing to do.AWWWW.I LOVE HIM.

I stopped laughing at the second half of the movie.For all the innocence is gone as the actors venture into the world of the grownups.

It was really painful,watching people die one after the other-but what do you expect?It was a gang movie after all.It’s like things took a more serious and darker mood in the second half.With realization and people dying, the world that the characters built for themselves started to crumble frm within and Mark/Mosquito was forced to grow up and see the world for what it really was.I shan’ t go into details-if not I won’t be able to finish typing until tomorrow.

The ending was heartbreaking.

I felt vvvv upset with Ethan,and subsequently Mark.Before the inevitable fight began,Mark had promised Alice that he would bring her out,away frm the brothel,to watch a movie.Apparently by the end he didn’t fulfill his promise,cause he couldn’t.That was one major regret in the story.And that gray hair dude who was a gangster,who was Mark’s mom’s ex boyfriend turned out to be Mark’s loved father.and Mark didn’t know.He had disliked that man for a long time,unaware that the man he had been disliking all along had been his father,the father who was the catalyst behind his dream of “going to Japan to look at the cherry blossoms”.It was a searing regret and I cried at that scene.I cried even more when the Final showdown between Mark and Ethan took place.Why do things have to turn out like this?You find yourself asking at the end of the movie.The easiest answer is that joining a gang is a one way ticket to doom.There’s no way out.Violence-the driving force for brotherhood,for integrity-these belong in the world of fantasical youth.There’s no place in the adult world for all these lofty dreams and ideals.One have to get down from the clouds and have a good long look at reality for once,even if it does cost you your life.

All in all, I felt that it was a stellar performance by the actors.I love both Mark and Ethan’s acting.Boy when they cried,it was so heartwrenching that you couldn’t blame them for whatever they did in the movie.It was compensation enough.I just wish that they didn’t have to be the cause of each other’s doom in the end.I mean,they were brothers.They still are,and whatever that Rhydian did by putting an end to the whole bloodshed by giving it more bloodshed was painful,but it was justifiable.The closing scene was the wall scene where we see what had really took place,when all the guys were good and well.Maybe the director was trying to hint that friendship cannot thrive on adrenaline and violence alone.It’s not the way to trudge through life.Ethan also said once in an interview abt the movie that “after filming the movie,I realized that gang life was never,never the way to go”.Maybe that’s the whole gist of the story then.When the credits started to roll,bringing an end to the whole movie,I felt as though a part of me was missing.There was a gritty sense of loss,of regret.Maybe that’s what youth is all about.The belief,the fun,the joy,the friendship,the pain,the tears and the LOSS.The raw wound that’s left behind,healed,but will always leave a mark that will scar you for the rest of your life.Who said that growing up was easy?

I still love the moody Ethan and the innocent Mark.How can anyone NOT fall in love with Mark?It’s just simply beyond my comprehension.

God I wanna watch the movie again.I can’t wait for the DVD release!Oh and Mark’s filming a new movie!YAY!

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