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Wang zi and Mao di is just wayyyyyyyyy adorable.But I prefer Wang zi!!!!Hahha he’s so cute and when he sings,I can just die.

Anw,Hello WORLD I’M BACK!THE MYEs are over- I hope I escape from it unscathed at least.Anw,being tested on the entire syllabus is no joke. All too soon, the world cup 2010 is coming to an end tmr and one thing that really made my world cup is that Spain had made it to the Finals!FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN SPANISH HISTORY BABY!

I can’t conceal my excitement and my happiness for Spain, I remembered the night I stayed up to watch Spain and Germany and I was constantly on tetherhooks during the whole match.It took Puyol’s header to let me breathe properly again.The point is,I’ve never felt so passionate ever for a team.I love Manutd,but it’s not to this extent like I would go mad and crazy for a team.Maybe it’s the world cup,maybe it’s my love for hubby Villa,maybe it’s once in 4 years to really let it out.I remembered I was over the moon when Italy won the last time round but I wasn’t that.ecstatic.Spain is just different.It’s the dream team.Regardless of whatever that happens tmrw,regardless of who the eventual winner is,the Spanish are winners in their own rights and big winners in my heart.The way the play such beautiful and swift football,the way they cheer themselves up and their teamwork epitomises the beauty of football and they are heroes in their own right.GO SPAIN VIVA ESPANA!

And to my David Villa,I love you you’re the world’s best striker ever.I love the way you play football,being unselfish and being on fire each time you run around the football pitch.I love the way you celebrate after each goal and I love the way you smile and I love your passion for the sport.Please win the Golden Boot.If anyone deserves it,You do!

On a second note,I can’t believe my fervent love for Lollipop is being ignited again and I’m this crazy fan girl obsessed with Lollipop’s wang zi.NOTAGAIN.I remembered in sec 3 and sec 4, I was totally crazy for him and would talk abt him all day long and spam videos on Youtube and stuff.I thought I’ll get grown and move on from such stuff,but apparently I seem to have an arrested development when it comes to Taiwan Chinese stars and I’ll fall in love with every single one of them when the time calls for it.So right now,it’s Wang zi.The fact that he is young,talented and so cute is a triple threat to me and I can’t resist that.WHERE IS VIC?Nvm Vic can be hubby no.1 and wang zi no.2. God I’m such a dreamer.

Anw,when the world cup ends,I don’t know how am I gonna survive.But I guess we just move on with life like how we always do isn’t it?I have alot of dramas waiting for me after  the As man.I guess for these few months,we just have to hold on and work for the As.Opportunites come to those who work for it right?Till the end of As,I’m gonna do whatever I can.and make these 2 years worthwhile.

Till then peeps,I love you all and have fun watching the World Cup 2010!plus to all my J2 pals out there,keep hanging on and let’s just enjoy these 2 days of freedom before school starts with it’s frantic timetable and real life gets in the way again.


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