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My baby looks awesome with the hat.Oh Hae what am I supposed to do with you???

Anyway,just a quick update-I feel like I’m not prepared for any lengthy,emotional post right now.THE A LEVELS ARE OVER PEOPLE!!!I’m 3 days late,but what the heck it’s friggin over and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my life now.I’m falling into all sorts of directionless paths and there’s no one source that is showing me the way.I feel kinda lost actually,though I relish the feeling of not having to hit the books once I’ve completed lunch and something like that.Now that studies are over,at least till August,I have all the time in the world to gush and go crazy,laugh and cry over my new found love-SUPER JUNIOR.I know,I’ve finally succumbed to KPOP and I’ve turned into someone I used to fear-a Kpop fan.I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW.KARMA.Anyway,Suju is really really really awesome(am I promoting them now?They are so popular alrdy!!!)And Shinee and 2pm and Beast are really cool too.Here I go.Anyway,I feel kinda bad that I missed out on the past 4 years of Suju’s life,but I’m making sure I won’t miss the present and their future ever again.I love them.All 13 of them.Like how¬†fangirls feel overprotective of their bias and their favorites.I feel so….happy when I listen to their songs,watch their shows and videos…I feel.I feel on top of the world.Enough said anyway.There’s this inclination in me to blog about my life as a Meridian for the past 2 years,but I can’t gather my feelings together right now.It’s really incoherent and I guess,I’ll do it when I’m prepared and when I do,I think it’s time to move on and make new memories.Till then,Prom.Birthday.and Christmas.and….

it’s time for the rest of my Life to begin.Tata sweeties.


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