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It was at this moment when I shouted “LEE DONG HAE” AND Hae (second from the last) coincidentally(or he really heard it) and looked in my direction and waved back.omg there was a spilt second’s moment of eye contact alright I just died.P.S:My left hand was waving and was in the way =(

Heechul was SO CLOSE OKAY BUT HE DIDN’T SHAKE THE AUDIENCE HANDS BUT SMILED FLIRTATIOUSLY.I LOVED THIS PHOTO I TOOK.HE SHINES,LITERALLY.Even from the back,he looked DIFFERENT and that’s when I felt as though he was infinite-the world will never make anyone like KIM HEECHUL EVER AGAIN. Okay enough of my crappy photos(what was I supposed to do I am such an idiot for NOT BRINGING my cam and had to resort to using handphone cam.Oh well-if it’s possible,I will post my fancams soon,not in this post though-I love the videos I’ve been looking at them gratitiously for the last few hours)

epic Ryeomin moment.

Ryeomin #2-Wookie’s adorableadorable sweet voice + romantic strums of Sungmin’s guitar=DAEBAK PERFORMANCE.

The sea of sapphire blue is no longer the stuff of my dreams-I became part of it and it is now my REALITY.And I will wait until the day I will be in it again.


No it’s not Heechul…GUESS WHO!(Clue-love of Hae’s life)

My SS3 Merch-Bromide of 10 solo posters<33333333333333

My personal favorite of the night-Siwon attempting to kiss Hae-EPIC SIHAE MOMENT in front of Eunhyuk-I JUST ADORE EUNSIHAE<33333333333


Okay I don’t even know where to start.Can I just give a short fan account of everything?You will understand how awesome it was after seeing the fancams!Anyway,I was really really really hyped up for the concert and until now,I still cannot believe that I went for their concert okay,the whole thing was like a dream-and you know what,my darling boys-all 15 of them look freaking handsome and they look SO MUCH MORE GOODLOOKING IN PERSON-I can say that because I was less than 1.5m away from them for I ran down to the bottom of the terrace block and you can literally TOUCH THEM when they come near.OMG,I KNOW. I managed to shake Leeteuk,Shindong,Kyuhyun,Siwon and Sungmin’s hands and ahem.I shook CHO KYU HYUN’S HANDS TWICE.OKAY TWICE.AND HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYE WHEN HE WAVED!How do I know?There was this girl who screamed when he waved and shouted in my ear “omg oppa just stared at you why you so lucky!!!!!”Tell me about it.And this happened AGAIN except this time it was from…..LEE DONG HAE.I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I CAN JUST DRIFT AWAY FROM SHEER HAPPINESS.I think I must have screamed really loud for he turned his head and looked in my direction when they were doing the suju train thingy around the stage.Look at the above photos and you will know.Oh and SIWON.OH DAMN THAT MAN.I screamed like no one’s business when Siwon jumped and sat on the railing of the terrace block.Omg I was less than 1 m away from him and I shook his hand!Goodness he was damn gorgeous in reality okay you can’t find another man as handsome as that.I was so close I could see the bristles of his not yet grown moustache on his chin CLEARLY.His dimples are to die for and he’s REALLY REALLY TAN.Dear me,my heart was not spared last night,not at all not even for one second.It was so good.I absolutely adored Sungmin‘s hair.Oh damn that dude-he’s really good looking in reality-I love his smile and he love the fans okay when he was running back to the stage,he looked at us and waved and smiled and ran at the same time and when I touched his hand,I even felt the ring on his right hand!Leeteuk is the most awesome leader I’ve seen and he looked so GREAT I CAN’T EVEN.The girls and I Literally SHRIEKED when Leeteuk touched our hands okay we were THAT ECSTATIC.And did I mention how comfortable Shindong‘s palm felt?I love that dude no matter what you say.He’s funny,adorable,charming and witty and same goes for all of the suju members.Yesung looks amazing-pictures don’t DO JUSTICE TO HIM.OMG.REALLY.I love his single eyelids and hot guyliner and I can’t even………..I heard that he injured his back yesterday and I hope it’s gotten better.Ryeowook is sheer adorable and all sorts of cuteness but my heart ached when I saw him upfront.He looked so gaunt and thin-this boy’s lost so much weight.I could see his eyeliner and pores so clearly and his cheekbone’s jutting out.Ryeowookie please eat more!=( I didn’t expect him to be so thin.He can disappear behind a pole or something.Zhoumi and Henry looked uber HOT with their red hair.Zhou mi looked like a rock star when he was jamming with Jungmo and Heechul and Henry-this baby’s grown up and I’m not  a fan of Bieber-but when Henry sang Baby I sang along and had the time of my life.LOOK AT HOW INFLUENTIAL SJ IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and omg Can I say I now officially have a crush on Eunhyuk?OMG THAT MAN.I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS NEW HAIR HE LOOKS AS HOT AS HEECHUL I CAN’T BREATHE PROPERLY WHEN EUNHYUK DID THE HEART TO MY ROW I JUST CAN’T.AND WHEN HE SPLASHED THE WATER AT THE FANS IN THE END,I GOT WET,AND I SCREAMED LIKE I’VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY BEFORE(I’m not even supposed to be happy that I got wet and the water got into my contacts-but It’s LEE HYUK JAE AKA EUNHYUK and ANYTHING GOES!)Donghae looked so amazing in real life and his eyes are to die for.Literally he’s sooooooooooooooo hot I love his laughter and Donghae is all sorts of charming-I couldn’t control myself from hyperventilating when he danced and when he shouted “I LOVE YOU!!!!!” (in eng) during Tok Tok Tok,I think I almost damaged other ears when I screamed. Kyuhyun-that boy is so much good looking in reality.Like Yesung,photos don’t give enough credit to him.I had so much FATE with Kyuhyun last night okay-two times of shaking hands,eye contact and he was always in front of me and he sang the CHINESE SONG,NEW ENDLESS LOVE.If you read the post in my Tumblr,you can imagine how ecstatic I was.I promised myself that if Kyu ever sang that song in SS3 Singapore,He would have a special place in my heart for all time and now,he truly is.I love him so much.Oh and you know in Dancing out,he did the “that’s cool” sign infront of me!!!!I was like omg he did it for REAL.OMG IM SEEING CHO KYU HYUN DOING THIS IN FRONT OF ME OMGOMGOMG!And like the photos and videos,when I saw him upfront,I could feel the loneliness beating out of him.His melancholic eyes….just staring at the audience and at us..I could feel his gratitude and his emotions….Okay and now,the last person-KIM HEE CHUL.THAT MAN IS A SEX GOD HE MESSES AROUND WITH PEOPLE’S SEXUALITY.HOW CAN HE LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY WHEN HE DRESSES AS LADY GAGA AND LOOK SO MASCULINE AND HOT?I love his gummy smile close up and his hair was perfection.

Basically,I felt REALLY REALLY REALLY LUCKY LAST NIGHT that I had so many close encounters with the boys of my dreams.and that I managed to be in the sea of sapphire blue.Really.Watching my dearest idols perform in 3D AKA REAL LIFE and seeing them upfront (so close to TOUCH THEM) and jamming along with their music and swaying the blue lightstick to their melodies has always been my imagination and the stuff of my dreams and I can’t believe all these became MY REALITY last night.It’s still so surreal now I just…..I feel like the happiest girl alive.All my dreams came true-from seeing them live to touching them to even the choice of songs(in kyu’s case) and the fact that Kyu and Donghae introduced themselves in Chinese with their Chinese names and Siwon being so nice and adorable and genunine “may God bless Singapore” and seeing Leeteuk and Heechul in their shiniest moments before they head to the army at the end of this year and EVEN buying their merch…….EVERYTHING WENT SO WELL AND I’M SERIOUSLY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING.REALLY.I have my parents and God to thank for and I don’t know whether I will ever be so lucky again.


  1. Donghae flying in the opening and Suju’s CHINESE NEW YEAR WISHES
  2. Leeteuk and Sungmin’s Angelic performance,sprinkling hearts everywhere
  3. Heechul’s Lady Gaga performance and DRUM PERFORMANCE  and Donghae,Eunhyuk and Shindong’s single ladies.It was SO EPIC LIKE OMG REALLY.
  4. TOK TOK TOK Performance.
  5. Siwon pinning Donghae to the ground and attempting to kiss him.
  6. Siwon kissing Kyuhyun.
  7. Heechul grinding EVERYONE.
  8. Ryeowook’s pushing of Sungmin in veges costume
  10. Siwon’s “do you want to go to church with me tomorrow morning?”
  11. Donghae’s “I love you” and “I think Singaporean women are very beautiful”
  12. Zhou mi and Henry’s SOLO (I cnt believe I don’t have a fancam of ZM’s solo I feel like hitting myself my hp had to throw a bitchfit when batteries are concerned)-BUT HE’S SO HOT.
  13. Kyu’s singing of the CHINESE SONG.(It was a dream come true-I took a fancam and he TEARED at one moment and I fet so sad for him)
  14. RINALDO.KANGIN’S SPECIAL “APPEARANNCE.ENOUGH SAID.I teared at that moment.I thought I was strong,but no…..
  15. Every moment was the highlight in SS3.You just can’t CHOOSE when Suju are involved in it.

And you know what,I’m glad that Leeteuk and Heechul weren’t affected by the minor accident on Friday(seriously some SG elfs just give a bad name to the whole SG Elfs community.I mean one should know how to respect the celebs’ privacy and the two boys aren’t strangers to car accidents you know,I was SO WORRIED FOR THEM IF anything WENT WRONG I don’t know what I would do.I’m glad they are okay.Heechul’s “if the fans are fine,we are fine” really touched me alot and I think I will love all of them forever.

Last night’s concert was the night of many Firsts and I’m glad I gave my FIRST CRAZY FANGIRL EXPERIENCE to SUPER JUNIOR,THE BEST BOYBAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD.There will NEVER be another Super Junior again AND I’m glad I witnessed this special moment.I’m blogging about this now so I won’t forget.At least I still have photos(no matter how lousy they are),merchandise and my own fancams of their performances(albeit with my own screaming being heard in the videos) to remind me of that lovely night,the happiest night of my 18 years.I thank Super Junior for all the joy they have brought to my life and I wish them all the happiness and all the magic in the world.I promise Leeteuk that I will always support them for the rest of my life and I will wait for every single one of them to come back from the army and we shall grow old together.I PROM15E TO BEL13VE.

Until we meet again,Super Junior,I will always love all of you and support each and every single one of you in EVERY ASPECT.Please always stay safe and healthy-you guys are  and will always be my everything until the end of time.I mean every single word I said.


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Because my love for these boys are becoming increasingly overwhelming,it’s time to do my top 5 Super Junior bias list…be braced.


This adorable Fishy of mine,has got to be the most most most gorgeous man on earth and I’m not even exaggerating.He’s beautiful,in and out.I love everything about Donghae,from his personality to his looks to his voice to his everything.There’s nothing I do not love about this boy.Even though he is childish and is the Prince of tears,he’s perfect in his own way and I love him so so so much.The funny thing is,Hae’s an expert at being cute and yet so manly at the same time.Donghae reminds me of myself-we’re both terribly impatient,cry alot,sensitive and often blurt out words that we wished we could hold back in and we are afraid of being alone.I can totally feel him.Looking at him(some say I have the same eyes as him) makes me feel as though I’m gazing at the male version of what I would be.I remember that my first kpop bias was not Donghae,instead it was Siwon.However this adorable boy-quickly stole the spotlight and I’ve been trapped ever since.I love his sweet tongue,his crooked smile,the way his eyes shimmer and dimmer and the way he loves his family,friends and fans.Plus can I say that he has the HOTTEST Adam apple of ALL TIME.PERIOD.Plus I love it when he speaks Chinese he’s so corny but I like it.I will always remember how he’ll say “qin ai de bao bei men,wo shi donghai wo ai ni men ni shi wo de quan bu”-say AWWWWWWWWW and his awkward Chinese phrasing “eat with me?Sleep with me?Live with me?Be together with me?” is EPIC.I want to tell him “EVERYTHING HAE<3″I love how Hae comes to life when he dances and how the whole stage is his.He reminds me of Michael Jackson when he dance and he’s so comfortable in his own skin,so unlike the usual bubbly Hae who cannot sit still and acts like a kid.When he dances,he immediately becomes this mature,sexy and endearing and charming man.Yes.From a boy to a man,that’s what Lee Donghae is.Furthermore,he’s the first celebrity who made me cry whenever he talks about his background and family.I want to hug him so so so badly and tell him that things are gonna be alright.This boy….I will love him for the rest of my life.He loves skinship and attention and I believe I can give him all the attention and love in the world so long as he keeps being Him-a good boy and the real LeeDonghae.I just want him to always be himself no matter what and I believe my fishy will be.Even if he does changes,I’m sure it will be for the better;but hae is already the best he can be so whatever I said is irrelevant.He’s still childlike but one day he will be a Man and one day this baby of mine will grow up,and get married and have children of his own.I believe I will too.Whoever he will be with next time,as long as Hae is happy,I will be too.For now,he’s in charge of making my heart race,making me laugh and making me happy until my husband comes along.Forever and always my Fishy Hae.


Now,this man.What can I do with you Choi Siwon????????This man.is responsible for the kpop crazed me today.He was the one who opened the doors of the kpop world to me and from then on there was no turning back.I remember how I saw him in a magazine ad and I was like “who is this gorgeous boy?” and then I started doing research and TADA!I’m in for life.See how influential this man is?I don’t even know where to begin.All I know is that he’s probably the most perfect man you can find out there-he’s a gentleman,a devout Christian,a family man,a man skilled in taekwondo,the textbook handsome guy with an established family background…what’s there NOT to like?You cannot find it in your heart to dislike CHOI SIWON.It’s impossible.I love how Siwon cares about so many people,even those that he doesn’t know and how he loves the world.He’s a humantarian alright.I admire him for following his dream even though his parents were strongly against it and everything else about this man.This man,according to Lee Donghae has no temper..almost no temper at least.It would take one AGES,YEARS to make him angry-he’s so composed and aware of himself I don’t even..he is so angelic,I love the Sihae interaction as well as SiChul.Siwon persuading HeeChul the atheist to convert to Christianity is really funny with HeeChul saying “Please don’t go about Jesus again.I respect you but it’s too much…”and Siwon,being the SIWON,laughs,shrugs and talks about it AGAIN.Wonnie’s persistence in his religion really earned my respect and you can’t hate him,you can only like him.He has those KING SIZE dimples and I seem to drown in them every single time.Don’t get me started on the chocolate abs and winks….Siwon’s too perfect,maybe his only flaw is that he’s too critcial of himself.He said once in an interview that he tends to have many regrets and I want to tell him “darling,you’ve did your best.” and I know he has.He needs to cut himself some slack because to us,he’s the epitome of a perfect manThe truth is, Siwon to me is the modern day Prince Charming who resides in South Korea and he is really,every girl’s ideal.I love Siwon,from his mobile eyebrows to his hand gestures to his skinship with Hae to ….everything.He’s truly God’s Gift.Choi Siwon,I will remember your name for the rest of my life.I will always remember you as  a good actor,a lovely singer,a member of Super Junior and the best a man can be.


Kim Hee Chul,saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!This beautiful man-knows no boundaries he makes many many many girls ashamed of themselves.He’s so pretty I DON’T EVEN.And he can be so handsome it’s seriously extreme-His bambi like eyes are seriously huge enough to die for..Must admit that I did not have a good impression of Heenim at first as he seems to be so brash,loud and obnoxious.However as time goes by,I love this guy more and more I’m not even kidding you.As loud and obnoxious he is,HeeChul’s really funny and downright hilarous.He’s everything I wanna be-he’s brutally honest,striaghtforward and arms himself with words so that he won’t get hurt.He puts on a funny and jokerlike facade to prevent himself from getting hurt when deep down,he’s incredibly soft hearted and full of tears.I love HeeChul’s unique personality-I bet in a thousand years you will never be able to find some one like Kim Hee Chul ever again.He’s one in a gazillion.He’s truly him and you cannot but like him for being him.I love how he loves Hangeng and his teammates(even though he’s closer to CHOCOBALLS) and I love how he’s the life of the party.Seriously,no place is quiet with Kim HeeChul.I love how he acts as a big brother to Super Junior now and how he wants Super Junior to be around forever.I love how he wants to retain the name of Super Junior through good and bad,through rain or storm.I love how he loves his fans and everyone and I just love Kim HeeChul.Even though he’s not extremely good at either singing or dancing,I love how he tries and how he manages to STAND OUT in a  group of 13.IT’S NOT EASY and Kim HeeChul,for everything that you do,just keep being you.I will so miss you when you enlist at the end of this year,but hey,Goodbye’s not forever.We are going to say hello again darling.


Hello there my evil maknae.Kyuhyun is…..all sorts of wonderful.He’s such a pure and beautiful man.Really.I love everything about him(this is starting to sound common,but it is true) and I really love his  voice.His voice is the only voice that can make me cry,make me smile and give me the comfort that I need.His voice is sweet caramel,soft cheesecake and melted chocolate on a cold winter morning(oh my I am beginning to sound like Changmin).His voice makes me happy and calms my nerves.I swear the guy has the BEST SOOTHING voice around.He has the voice and looks of an Angel and I do believe that he IS an angel,even though he loves to prank on his members ALOT.He’s definitely the evil maknae who wants to keep his Hyungs to himself(review the Intimate note episode) and HeeChul’s the evil senior.Seriously,those two should get a room.Kyu has never failed to amaze me with his intelligence and wit(Gawd he’s definitely Heenim the second) and did I mention how HOT he is when he speaks Chinese?His “fu wu yuanrrrrrrrrrrr” is to die for and it’s too sexy.Whenever he speaks in Chinese in that deep,sensual chocolatey voice of his,I just want to marry him.Besides,I love how Kyu is a drama addict like me and how he loves his games and music.I love how strong he is,despite being almost snatched by death at the young age of 19.Kyu’s stronger than the typical man and even though he’s the maknae,he’s way mature than anyone of his age and deeper than you will ever know.I love this kind of man.He ignites the curiosity in me and I want to protect him even though this sounds so silly.I want to take care of this maknae even though I’m 4 years younger than him.His blackbrown piercing eyes…..don’t even get me started on it.For the rest of my life,Kyu,your voice will always be one source of strength in me.


This boy ignites all the curiosity I have in me.There is this air of melancholy around him and I don’t know why.He can be laughing and talking and yet,I still feel a  certain vibe of loneliness emitting out of him and it hits me like a sudden wave.I want to hug him and tell him that everything’s gonna be alright.Donghae,Kangin and Siwon all said before that they want Kibum to speak out his feelings more-if he’s tired,just say it.The thing about this boy is that he’s too fond of holding back his feelings for fear of being burdensome,but nooooooo he needs to be dependent sometimes.Being too independent is tiring you know,and my heart aches for this lovable boy who’s way older than his years.He’s too young to be jaded and almost cynical and there is more to him than one will ever know.His dazzling smile is too dazzling for his own good and that smile makes me so happy I don’t even.I love to see Kibum smiling.I love Kim Kibum.His soft and quiet personality that shields an emotional heart…his raps are (Y).I SWEAR Kibum and EunHyuk make the best rap duo ever.Period.His English accent is seriously charming and sexy and each time he smiles and say “C’mon man” I die inside.Really.Kim KiBum I love you baby and I’m never gonna stop!I love how he loves acting so much and I love how he loves Donghae so much.I cannot dislike him.I never will.My only wish now is for him to remove his hiatus and come back to Super Junior.I know he loves acting.I just want to be selfish for once.Once.Please Kibum,come back soon.Super Junior needs you.They miss you and I do too.After coming back for 5jib,you can do all the acting you want.Anything as long as you are happy.You miss them too right?We know it.HWAITING LOVE.

So here are my top 5 Super Junior bias.For non kpop fans,I’m sorry this is a bore  to you,but I want to remind myself of why I like them so much and this is the only way.To put them down in writing and allow them to be stored in the archives for months,years to come.I’m in this kpop business for life,I just know it.Super Junior FIGHTING!!!!!<33333333333333333

P.S: I’m so gonna play “Marry U” at my wedding next time and one day I bet my children and grandchildren will love Super Junior as much as I do and I will tell them my idols and lots of wonderful fangirl stories.

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