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Dear Siwon,

First I must say that you are nothing short of amazing.Sometimes,you are so amazing that I am rendered speechless and I don’t know how to start.As I try to recall stuff that happened eons ago such as how did I get into kpop and stuff,you are the FIRST image that comes to my head.Yes,it was thanks to you that I entered the world of kpop and I’ve been hooked ever since.It was you who brought me into this amazingly new world-a world that I had never dreamt to be part of and used to ignore until that day I saw you in some magazine and I was immediately enthralled,enticed and attracted to.I must say that you are REALLY GOOD LOOKING,REALLY HANDSOME,REALLY HOT AND PICTURE PERFECT.Really.Even though I fell in love with you at first based on a superficial reason-I had liked you and wanted to know more about you..it slowly evolved to love when I knew more about you-about your character,your background,your personality and I see that there is so much more to that good looks and perfect built.You are so much more  than just being a picturesque man.I don’t exactly know what to say because what I feel towards you simply cannot be expressed in words.Let’s just say that you are the most alluring man that I know and perhaps,will ever know.

Siwon,it’s not difficult to notice you in Super Junior since you are forever standing at the centre and look the most “masculine” among the boys.I love you Siwon,not because you are attractive-but because you are more than that-more than the world gives you credit for.If I have to say the truth,the truth is that your outward appearance mirrors your inner self-I see a nice and beautiful soul,a generous heart that gives and gives.The things you would do for your members amazes me.THe simple things such as always being there as a pillar of strength for Donghae,always listening to Donghae and always giving Donghae a hug whenever he needs it…just makes my heart so happy.It’s not only Donghae,but everyone else.I still remember your distraught frame in Happy Camp when Hangeng and you apologised for not being able to film the show due to the terrible accident in Korea and you just couldn’t bring yourelf to laugh and crack jokes and have fun,because a part of you was severely affected.I still remembered how you cried when Super Junior won their first ever Mutizen award and it touched my heart.Like really.Like wow,the smiley and tough Siwon who rarely shows his teary emotions really cried and I realize,I needed to protect you and love you too because even if you acted like a man,you’re just a boy at heart.I can feel it.Even though you are definitely not the oldest,but it seems as though you are one of the parents of Super Junior-the one that everyone can count on.I  will never forget how in SS2 Shanghai,you protected Zhou Mi and Henry from the only 13s and when they were booed upon.You clearly did not mask your dissatisfaction and made sure you stood beside them for the rest of the night.Such simple gestures really make me think you are an Angel Siwonnie.To protect the innocent people who always get hurt.I remember how you thank the Thai fans in SS3 when they so ardently supported the two and at that moment,I just couldn’t help but tear up because I just feel so happy that I’m in love with one of the most wonderful men ever.Recently,I saw in an interview that you did in 2007 with a magazine and you said “The member that I want to be the most is Kyuhyun.I want to bear the pain for him” and let me tell you this-I immediately teared up when I saw that.I’m really so happy,so touced and so awed at your big heart and love for your members I don’t even.How much you lov Kyuhyun,that evil maknae of ours is unimaginable I guess;the fact that you actually said that just reiterated the kind of person you are-generous,self sacrificial and warm hearted.Donghae said once that you were clearly one of the nicest and sweetest person he’s ever known,that you cried uncontrollably in 2008 when the Sichuan earthquake occured and many lives were taken away.You not only love your members and your fans so much Siwon,you love people and Life itself and because of that,I cannot possibly love you without all I have,because you deserve as much love as you give out.<33333

I know stardom has not been an easy path for you,from meeting the parental objection to making it big in the fickle entertainment industry.But I can gladly say that you’ve made it dear.It’s funny,you didn’t have to go through all the tiring things that predebut trainees have to do,you could have just comfortably go through your student life and graduate and do something else,but you chose the tougher path of being an entertainer and the fact that you had to start everything from scratch as your dad refuses to support you claiming that you could be on your own since you even made it through the auditions.I’m sure you made him very proud,as you’re so successful now.You wouldn’t even call yourself being successful,but to me you are.Oh Siwon,I need to thank you for something.Thank you for being Hangeng’s confidant in his early years in SM.Hangeng has always said that it was you who had accompanied him through his tough times,when he was in a strange country,exposed to the unfamiliar environment and an even unfamiliar language.You would often speak to him in the bits of Chinese you know and make him feel at home.I cannot imaginne the amound of comfort that you had brought to Geng and perhaps,if it wasn’t for you and Heechul,Geng would feel even more horrible.You are truly heavensent,Siwon.I love you Siwon,really.From your bigheart to your joker smile to your gentlemanly instincts to your derp faces to your handgestures,You are wonderful and will always be.Did I mention how you are the only one who can pull off a derp face and still look decently good?I swear you look good from every angle and even if your features are scrunched up,you will still look decent.You know why?It’s because beyond the surface level,you have one of the most clear and beautiful heart that shines through and it’s impossible to dislike you.Don’t be so hard on yourself Siwon.I know you feel like you still have eons to go before you attain your own goals and stuff,but so far,you’ve been doing extremely well and ELFs will always know your name and remember your name with much love and affection.Continue being you,continue your dorky jokes and funny expressions,continue making hand gestures and derp faces to make us laugh and continue being a Choi Siwon that ELFs,Super Junior and God are proud of.You are everyone’s Angel Choi Siwon and will always be.

I wish you all the best,our prince Charming.Seriously,I’ve always thought that Prince Charmings are the stuff of fantasy and doesn’t exist in the real world,but right now I think I’ve found one…in Super Junior.From head to toe,from inside out,from every ounce of being in me,I can truly say that you are the storybook perfect man.Not because of who you are,but because of what you’ve done and what you’ve made people feel.All your imperfections have formed the way you are today and thank you for bringing so much light into my life.I will always remember how you looked in SS3 Singapore,how happy you were when you were singing that prayer song and how you dorkily asked”do you want to go with me to church tomorrow morning?” and I’m glad that I am aware of your existence.You give so much love to your fans and the world and the world needs all the love it can get.So thank you Siwon.Thank you for introducing me to this world where I feel so happy and learnt so many things,thank you for loving your members and guiding them(I know Donghae looks up to you so much you are really such a good influence on him),thank you being …you.I love you Siwon,it’s okay if people say that all you have is looks and nothing else-for that I need to rebutt because even if you are not the best singer or dancer or actor,you are still one of the most special people to me because you are the way you are and I love you for being that way. You know how you walk through Life and some people just come by,alter the way you are and expose yourself to bigger views and wider pictures and you are never the same again? Well,you are one of them.Even though we are not friends or anything,but the fact that I am aware of your existence,able to know about you and keep in touch with you through media,the net and stuff just makes me feel so lucky.You taught me to always look on the brighter side of Life,to always hang tough and always smile through the rain.There are times so depressing I forget about that,but it’s still better than nothing because at least,I have a role model whom I can look up to.For the rest of my Life,Siwon,I will never forget you and I wish you all the best.Thank you for everything and when I am old,I will tell my grandchildren about the one man that inspired me so much in my teen years and opened an alternative route to neverending laughter,happiness and inspirations to me,in the form of Super Junior,kpop and Life itself..I love you Siwon,with all I have in me and May God bless you Choi Siwon.<3333333333333333

Always,your Siwonest,



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Freefalling into all sorts of direction.First time I’m not scared of falling.Instead,I’m learning to live life day by day and as it comes.Exposed to the harsh rigours of reality.Trust me,Office politics is not something you would like to dabble in,or even know about.Adults have a habit of making something simple look so complicated and it gets on my nerves at times.Sometimes,I just wanna run back to my friends and gossip and talk about anything under the sky.The sad thing is,in the working world,all these are taken away from you.I’m glad I’m out of that place,it’s been a…….satisfying three months.I’m ready to hold on to my student lifestyle for at least,a couple of years.

Anyway,I miss school.I miss school so bloody much I don’t even.Being a student has got to be the luckiest job ever in the whole world.I mean,seriously,I’ve been there,done all the working crap and I’m back again,wishing that I had cherished my schooling days more.It feels as though those days had been stolen away from me,but it’s okay I’m gonna have it all back in August-just that some things are prolly not gonna be the same anymore.We make do with it.Things need not end,but they cannot stay the same.Change is neccessary.I believe in that.Till whenever.If I don’t post sentimental stuff,it’s gonna be Suju stuff okay.Be braced.<3333333333333

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