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11 November 2011- It will only occur once in a millenium, just like old memories stir up in the autumn wind like rustling leaves on the ground.Then as quickly as it started, it all ends in silence and there lies the quiet earth once more.

This post is dedicated to the movie I watched on 11:11:11, titled aptly You’re the Apple of my eye. It’s one of those movies that has a catharsis behind it and forces you to think and evaluate your life.Yes,that’s what a genuinely brilliant movie can do to you and You’re the Apple of my Eye is probably the best Chinese movie of the decade. It has so much truth in the movie it’s amazing how the director can condense such issues within a time span of 2 hours. The movie is acted by B listers and newbies,with the Lead Actor Ko Chentung having his debut performance.The success of the movie apparently rocketed both Ko and Michelle Chen(the actress) to stardom and I guess,there’s no more turning back.I really loved the movie so much I can’t stop thinking about the movie.There’s nothing like visual art coming to life,how one single movie can unify so many different people because even though we’ve never met one another, we all have a similar experience.If there’s one thing humanity can never live without,it’s the idea of love-or of lost love or forgotten love.Love is and will always be a debatable issue since the epoch of time and in modern times,don’t expect this to change.

There’s been so many high budget movies,so many aiming towards the blockbuster category that one forgets the true essence of a movie.It’s not about box office tickets,it’s not about mainstream popularity.Directors often forget about that and You’re the Apple of my eye is a breather,a wisp of fresh air.It’s Giddens Ko’s first movie and I hope it will be his last.This perfection he has achieved probably happens only once.Reiterate more series of perfection and all these would have lost it’s meaning,lost it’s significance.His lifestory is imprinted in the movie and it was said to be his dream when the movie was released.He’s a brilliant writer,awesome at provoking those feelings which you thought had been long forgotten and through his skillful storytelling, he reminds us that it’s time to take those feelings off the shelves,wipe the dust off the spines and reminisce.There’s nothing like this movie.It brims with so much innocence,it bleeds and expouses the true essence of what it’s like to be young,wild,angsty,in love and free.You have the sky under your feet and there’s nothing like it.There’s nothing like the rash of youth.You only have it once and just like the saying.The minutes of the clock will always return to the same place every 24 hours,but it will no longer be yesterday(notice the rough translation as it is supposed to be a chinese saying)

One of the reasons why I loved this movie so much is because it is set in the rims of the old school.It reconnects my old self back to me and it brings back alot of memories as cliche as it sounds.I suddenly miss being in uniform,I suddenly miss the “unity” of students in uniform and of those days of feverish studying, neverending laughter,roller coaster wednesdays and just being.there.Just being.young.Tell me,do you remember what it felt like to be in uniform?Of course when we were back in school, we never see those days in rose tinted glasses as we were blinded by insane priorities, too much things are holding us back.So this movie invokes all that had long gone and forces the audience to rethink about their life,about the youth they once had.Storytelling is a healing process.A great storyteller can reverse all the scars that Life has scratched upon you and ease the hurtful ones.It won’t be the same again but it gives one courage to go on,to face the truth.Storytellers should be given more credit for their contribution to mankind. The movie reeks of loss and the grittiness of love once gained,and love once lost.There is no youth without the gnawing sensation of regrets,no youth is ever cultivated by all things happy.Youth is steeped in the wells of tears,built by the walls of fear and regrets and leaves behind a residue of forgotten happiness.Tell me,do you remember what it was like,to be that young?

You’re the Apple of my eye evokes so much damn emotions in you throughout the course of the movie.It makes you laugh and cry-and it really IS POSSIBLE to be laughing through the tears.You actually feel the characters because they are real-they are so relatable and you can see yourself in them.You probably find the lost self swarming about in the souls of the characters in the film.The film ends,with the lovers not being together(spoiler alert),but Ko reconciles that harsh blatant truth with a tinge of humour and a parallel universe,emphasized by the fact that no matter where they are,they’re still under the same moon,under the same stars and she’ll always be in his heart.When he said that he will continue to be childish,there is a note of finality in there-the fact that he will always love her,but perhaps.Just perhaps,he will tuck her into the tethers of his youth and go on.He will continue to be the way he is and she will be with the one who can give her a stable life;all the stability and reassurance in the world. After all,what is youth without regrets?There will always be flaws in one’s memory-you can’t attain absolute perfection because once everything goes your way,there’s no more sense of painful nostalgic.There is something romantic about pain-that pain eases over time and memory beautifies it.Humans have the most irksome habit of reminiscing all the freaking time and don’t you realize that each time you think back,the memories are a little altered,a little thwarted and they appear more mystical,more romantic and more fantasical than they actually was.It’s a human trait to want to present the past as being better than the present,and it’s a human fallibility to overomanticize things.Well,this is what I call streetsmart history.History can be reshaped,remolded according to one’s whims for it tends to the wounds of the present and it’s through reshaping that gives us the vivre to go on again.That’s probably the message I got from the film.

For all the movie’s worth,it’s a beautiful piece of art.Beautiful cinematography is being displayed in the film.Beautiful angles,lovely shots of a highway being spilt into two,with the transportation system going in different directions almost as though it’s signifying the different trajectories of the lives of the two main characters.The film is shot in a mosaic of washed out blues and whites accompanied by tinges of yellow,which shows Ko’s character recollecting his lost golden days.Closeups of the characters reveal the intimacy of the story and draws the audience into them.Cuts of beautiful stills were entwined together to bring back the idea of nostalgia and the movie is weaved together into a beautiful clover of memories,based on one boy’s youth.To sum it up,this movie is a paean to the wonders of youth.I shall stop here don’t wanna turn this into a film essay.This is what taking a film module does to you-it allows you to have a sharper eye and you realize the deeper significance of things.Nothing is coincidental in films and that’s why I appreciate this film even more.This is a movie that I guess everyone should watch once in their lifetime.

Finally,this movie seems to have a whisper of my own bits of memories in it.What’s long passed is already passed and there’s no point in pondering over them anymore-but one can always turn back to them to remind yourself of who you actually were in the past.Of course, as you trudge along the rocky and turbulent winding paths of life,it’s hard to reflect on who you actually are.Don’t forget the truest you,don’t forget who you once were because trust me,if you ever lose your original sense of self,that wrenching slab of pain will always be there to stay.It will hurt.I’m regaining the notion of who I once were as I’m starting to slow my pace and have a momentary reprieve and it’s getting good.Lost memories,unfulfilled dreams and sore regrets-we all have them.I can never be that girl sitting at the benches laughing over all things good under the sky,waiting for occasional animals to appear and laugh and gush and blush again.Even if I’m donned in uniform and am in the same place and the whole scene is reenacted once more,that feeling won’t be the same.I’m a little older,and perhaps a little wiser and …you can’t go back to who you once were.One cannot recapture the first fine careless rapture and nothing.Absolutely nothing ever happens the same way twice.So right now all I have are slipping memories to hold on to.When life becomes too hard to bear again,just remember-even if memories are no longer the same,there’s always the capacity to remold it into your very own.Our ability to alter things are probably the reason why we’re still alive today.We’re a mirage of our own experiences and no one can ever take that away from us.

Amazing what a single movie can do to you.Stop what you are doing,have a mug of hot tea,play some music and just be.

将头发梳成大人模样 穿上一身帅气西装 ,等会儿见你一定比想像美 …

For we will never be younger than this very moment again.

那天晚上满天星星 平行时空下的约定,再一次相遇我会紧紧抱著你 .



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