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Many things happened this semester– but I’ll like to dedicate the end of junior year at University to the bunch of people who have made my third year so amazing.

August 2013-May 2014, third year at NUS.

Third year started off on a positive note and I was pretty optimistic for the semester to begin after a series of whammies last summer. But I’m glad that the schooling year ushered in new friends, new discoveries, fresh passions and it is definitely the year– on the cusp of 20 and turning 21 where I experienced the magic of life. I learned things I never knew, studied what I loved and explored new passions and boundaries and I engaged and left my heart in every single new person whom I’ve had the fortune of having met. It’s indeed true when they say that the best things happen when you least expect them to, and it works when you use your heart to connect with every single being who comes your way– whether they’re meant to stay, or just acquaintances who just happen to share the particular path with you, I think there’s a role for everyone who comes past your life. I am more than happy to say that everyone whom I’ve met this year, as fleeting as it may be all have made or etched an indelible footprint in the sands of my heart. The adage that whatever that is most essential is invisible to the eye rings so poignantly. I am so thankful to all my friends who have stood by me incessantly this semester, and I hardly make a personal dedication here, but to my friend of more than a decade, Elsa, thank you for making your way back to me when we were sophomores. Thank you for being my pillar of strength this semester when things were especially hard and I was such a miserable wreck over things that wouldn’t have bothered me ten years from now. I love you girl, you’re beautiful in every single way and I hope that you’ll always be here to stay. 

Back to the significance of this post, I dedicate it to junior year and the people in it. Yesterday I was at the farewell party of my Japanese friends and one of them said something that will forever stick with me, “To be honest I won’t really miss Singapore, but I will miss the people here.” This reminds me of how the human connection is of perennial importance because a place doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We don’t remember places as they are, but rather we link places with people. As my first ever Japanese friend, the dear boy holds a special position in my heart and I am really thankful that in the first semester of third year, I went out on a limb and signed up for the module which I’ve been avoiding for semesters, but decided to go ahead with it anyway because the best things come when you step out of your own effervescent bubble. I couldn’t help but weep when the hosts yesterday made their personal “speeches” and it was awhile before I realized that my face was wet with tears. Another pal, who seemingly looks cool and hardy spoke to me after that and beneath that tough demeanor of his, lies a tender and sensitive heart. I wish we had more chances at interaction I wish I had known him earlier, but the time spent was enough, because when you really love somebody, be it your family, friends or a significant other, time spent together will never be enough. Forever is probably needed, but I think that shred of memory that we hold on to will be as good as our forever for they will be crystallized in photographs and in the mind’s eye and that is perhaps, the only eternal in a world where all things are in a constant state of flux. I’m not sure how much my friends will change when they will return to Japan, nor am I sure how much I will change in the coming months. My head starts to pulse and ache when I think about things and times beyond the immediate field of vision, but I think I will be even more myopic if I keep wondering about the future and forget to live in the moment, because a moment gone is a second gone and its something I’ll never get back again. No words can express how I feel right now as I sit on the bed, typing this away. I’m due at the airport in a few hours time to bid farewell to this group of lovely beings, and the mere thought of me makes my heart ache and my eyes well again, yet I know that it probably hurts them too, and it will hurt everyone of us who have established a special rapport with them, but I do know that in time this feeling will fade and we might start to forget a little as the rest of our lives unfold. But that doesn’t mean that things must end, and every end could possibly herald a new beginning. Hope is a natal reflex and I suppose, till we meet again then.


I have this gnawing impulse to learn Japanese and I am even more acutely aware now that friendship cannot be defined by nationality or borders, or even by categories. It has to be felt with the heart and ultimately, we are all sentient beings of the world, finding our way out of this labyrinth of life. May our paths cross again one day. Till then, remembering will be enough. So are photographs for they capture the instant, the instant that will never be again because things never happen the same way twice. All I have in my heart now are peace and gratitude and the accompanying sense of optimism, which I hope will carry me through the vicissitudes of this little, but epic life.


我々は再び会うまで. (Till we meet again). Until then, I know we will all be amazing in our respective ways.


We all have our dreams, we all want to fly.






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