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So these pictures pretty much sum up what summer has been for me (Circa 7 May 2014-10 August 2014)

It has been an eventful summer and a summer like no other. You know how fiction and travelogues like to romanticize summer and how drama also thrives on promoting summer as one of unforgettable memories and long endless nights? Well my summer has been pretty grounded, yet fulfilling. I’ve embarked on two internships during these two months odd and also managed to make time for catching up with friends and people whom I care about (please note that if you don’t see yourself in the photographs its not that you’re not in my mental list it probably means that those photographs are not on my laptop or we did not take a shot together). Truth be told, on retrospect I feel like I’ve accomplished quite abit of things this summer–I’ve a taste of what it was to be in the workforce, to work in the public service as well as private sector. I’ve gone for the talks and symposiums that I’ve always wanted to go, I’ve finished a project for a professor and I’ve also handled all my numerous datelines pretty well. More importantly, I’ve read all the books and novels that I wanted to read and got in touch with people that I wanted to keep in contact with. It’s been a summer well spent. Of course there were hiccups along the way and sometimes you find yourself planning, but life always gets the better of you. Somehow, no one can outwit what Provenance has installed for us and many times you just make do. That is not saying that I am unhappy, yet it may be abit too much for me to ask for life to listen to me all the time. I try and think back about what I’ve been doing these few months and it all blurs into a melange of many memories stitched into a parasol in my mind’s eye, a parasol that will shelter me through rain or storm.

I used to pride myself on being predictable, but the older you get the more you realize that the only moment you really have is the present. I can spend days, months and years planning for my future, even if the future refers to that of tomorrow, or months or even years away. It takes only a finger, a scrawling of pen on fresh parchment to unravel all the plans that I have so painfully weave for myself. Which brings me to another point that I am too acutely aware of this summer–that good things take their time to happen to you, and sometimes, you’ve really got to let go of some things. I really have no idea what awaits tomorrow, but I am really crossing my fingers and praying that whatever that happens, would be the best thing that could happen for me. That is not saying that I may not be upset or even indignant at the state of things, but I’m really hoping that I do have the prescience to understand that all will be done, in good time and as unhappy as I will be to accept certain ways of life, or particular manifestations of things, it will fall into place with time and ten years from now I will not ruminate about this phase in my life as one that is dotted with “what ifs” and ” should have beens”, but instead I’ll smile and say that I am glad for it all to happen.

This summer has been a special one, in many ways that I could hardly imagine. I can’t put some stuff to writing, but know that when I look back on this lull in my life, it will be with fondness because there’s only the happy, because…some things came without warning, like a blizzard and I’ve not been the same again.





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