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It’s 30 December 2017. In two days’ time we would welcome the New Year. 2017 has been the wildest ride yet. There were so many stops along the way where I felt as though I was going to throw up, as things were often than not, escalating beyond my control and there was very little I could do to stop things from spiraling out of hand. But all tough moments pass. 2017 has gifted me with experiences that I would not change for any other, and I realised how humans are always bound by their mortal limitations. Yet if we do take a second to understand and mull over things, we realise that we actually have it in us to realise the potentials of the spirit, and as long as we go on, we will be okay. Life will eventually work out, if only we learn to tide through the lowest of points. Every cause has a reaction, and what goes down will only go up. Think positive thoughts and the Universe smiles back at you. Sometimes, more often than not, it’s always in the Mind. 2017 has also blessed me with many new personalities–it reminds me of how big this world is, and I’ve loved, laughed and grown–I will continue to love, laugh and grow, and despite the initial apprehension, and disappointment towards life, I feel as though I have done more than 20 years of learning within this one year. The vicissitudes of life has allowed me to understand how difficult it is to be a good person–to be a person who never lets her heart harden, to never sprout hurtful words in the heat of the moment; I am not perfect and 2017 has shone more light upon my flaws. I’ve learned now that what I had disliked about others were always in myself, and I’m only beginning to accept such stuff as the days go by. It is difficult to live a life, but at the same time, to live and to cry, and to smile are basic facets of what makes us human.

I am grateful for everything that came my way this year, and I treasure every single moment I have now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, the lamenting of the past, and the wistful hopes for a future are both escapism in their own ways. The present is the only moment we have now, and somehow, chronological time is fashioned only in our minds to allow us to make sense of our experiences. But chronological time has no space in reality; only in our autobiographies, or in history books do they truly exist. I do not want to become words in a page even before I cease to exist. I want to breathe and live and be at one with whatever that is happening around me; only then will I truly have the power to make the changes that I want to make, to decide the choices that will shape life according to my heart’s desires. 2017 has reminded me of the intimacy and interwoven nature of human connections; we are separate, yet perhaps we are all One in this Universe’s creation. SO I remind myself to be gentle, and to be kind to people around me, because as we go on in life, we sustain more battle wounds; everyone is fighting a battle that we may not know about, so indeed shall we be kind.

Such basic truths, but profound, and deep they are, that sometimes it only takes an abysmal moment to shed light on them. 2017, it’s almost time to bid you goodbye, and turn the page, for the rest of our lives to ensue. I won’t forget the lessons that the year has taught me; I go on holding these close to my heart, and I hope for the strength to trudge through even the toughest of times, all the while reminding myself to be kind, and to recognise abit of myself in everyone I meet. Only then am I able to honour myself, and the people whom I hold dear to my heart. They are always there, even if I may not see them again.

Love gives value to survival, and for that we shall all continue to open our hearts, and love. Despite it all. For love is gentle and kind, and it allows people to be free. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about love in 2017, that is love is a gentle balancing act between holding on and letting go. With that, we turn the page and welcome 2018, with open arms.


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