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Finally watched finished this Drama.Oh my goodness don’t let me get started on it.The cast was brilliant,the script was awesome and was full of twists and the ending was satisfying.I’m so hooked now and I can’t wait for the movie version!

The most epic moment of the show was when the three leads were trying to escape and they were armed with various guns and stuff.Vic was like “I got better guns come let me show you” and apparently there was a huge stash of guns like snipers and stuff hidden at the trunk of Mark’s car and boy was he shocked.They were like wow-ing over the guns and Mark was like”Oh this is great.Wait.Where’s the bullets???” Vic was like”Yah hor.” and he tried to search for them and in the end he had that paiseh look on his face as he scratched his head and muttered”wow the people who sold me these guns are such misers.I bought a whole stash of them and they didn’t even give me free bullets.Stupid misers!” and all these right in the middle of an apocalypse in the show.It was so funny and I couldn’t help but keep laughing.OMG I miss the show so much now!!!I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms from the show but Studies keep getting in the way.I’m embarking on this 2004 drama called Mars which is an old idol drama starring Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu-I know it was damn popular last time but I’m just laggy soo…..VIC IS SO HAWTTTTT THERE I LOVE HIS WINDSWEPT SHOULDER LENGTH HAIRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

It’s been a long time since I blogged on this space and recently the urge to blog is fading away.I’m not sure why but I feel like I’m keeping more stuff to myself now and there’s not much use washing one’s dirty laundry in public right.Okay maybe not dirty laundry but you get the drift.Recently I’ve been feeling so tired and so emotionally overwhelmed and sometimes I don’t even know what to feel anymore.It’s the June holidays now-make it a non existent June Holidays.I was planning my timetable for revision the other day and I don’t know why,I felt like crying when I was planning it and was holding back the tears-let’s not go into details shall we.I don’t think anyone’s interested in knowing though.Sometimes I wonder why life can’t be as simple as the storyline in drama series.I think indulging in drama series are a form of escapism from reality and how I wish I could go on living that way forever.Recently I’ve been trying to live a non existent life, plunging into the abyss of nothingness, knowing nought to feel, knowing nought to react to certain stuff and I don’t really know how to do things the right way now.Is there even a right way?Notice there’s alot of”I”s.I don’t know why either.I know we’re all struggling and somehow I think I’ll never be ever prepared for the As or anything.I don’t want my parents to worry and I hate teachers piling the pressure on me.But what can I do?Nada.Zip.Zero.Don’t you just miss the times when there’s nothing to care in this world?Oh yes I sure do.

There’s nothing for me to say now,but to keep hanging on.And I need t stop gushing over all the cute guys in showbizzzzzzzzzzz.Except for Mark,Nic,Vic and of course,James Deannnnnnnn.(that’s my forever).





P.S:Sorry for sounding so bipolar now,but life’s bipolar.I’m just insane now.Studying is enough to make anyone insane

This has got to be the most uncoordinated and randomly rubbish post ever.Tata till one day when I feel like posting again.


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Football’s Tiger.

Because all of us are underrated and marginalised by society and the world in some way or another.

Sick.The medicine’s making me lightheaded,I feel so floaty as though I’m living in a dream and I’m constantly feeling drowsy and heavy.What an irony.Slept for a good 5 hours just now.Haven’t had such an undisturbed sleep for a long time.The nose’s killing me.I awoke to good news this morning when the first thing I did was to switch on the lappy and check out the soccer results.RedDevils won!!!!(I think Fergie should stop sidelining Owen and give the dude a chance man)Yay me.The morning was good,but midway on the bus I started having chills and sneezing and by the time the second period of the morn progressed,I felt zombiefied.There was a pulsing ache on the right side of my brain and I was feeling giddy.What a great start to the day.Waiting at the doc was long and after lunch,the medicine took its toll on me.I remembered going to bed at like 1 in the sweltering hot afternoon and when I woke up,the sky was painted in orange pinkish hues.Wow.

Speaking of soccer,I must say that I’m quite appalled at John Terry’s scandal.First thing that popped to my head “What’s wrong with sportsmen and their infidelity and sex addiction man?”First Tiger Woods now John Terry.and just when my impression of Chelsea was moving towards a more postive light…this scandal just ruins my impression again.Okay for Chelsea I’m just sticking to Frank Lampard and Borini that’s all.Seriously the wor’ld’s getting all insane and badbadbad!Firstly,having an affair is already wrong.Secondly,having an affair with your best bud’s girlfriend is defintely not the way to go.Even though they’re estranged,but it’s close to being so incest.Thirdly,having an affair and causing the woman to be pregnant and forcing her to abort the child and pay her a lump sum of money to keep mouths shut just make you a complete freaking bast***(I don’t want to dirty my blog with all your frigging deeds thank you)and then I found out frm my bro that this is not the first time.Imagine screwing a teenager who was your fan in the past?I’m glad Toni has decided to divorce him.It’s total humiliation to her and the children.YES KIDS.God poor Wayne Bridge and JT’s children.I wanna write a letter to Capello to petition for JT’s stepping down frm captaincy in the England squad.Even though he’s a professional,but this matter’s too….bleh.So much for Lampard calling his captain “a man’s man” when it makes me wanna puke inside.I have a feeling that this matter’s only going to get blown out of proportion as the days progress.The Tiger Woods of football,well done.GG.

And I’m feeling drowsy again.

Sleep tight.

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I think Kevin Yan is cute.In a rugged-melancholic-reserved way that is.

Okay so what I wanna ask is,can a darling soul out there teach me how to do frigging Econs?I’m damn pissed with the huge load of homework this weekend and I’m wondering why are the teachers giving us so much stuff to do.HELLO it’s only the third week of school?Sigh.and I badly want to watch Arsenal VS Manutd tonight but it’s early morning and if I don’t get sufficient sleep right now I think I’ll cry tomorrow.There’s nothing fascinating going on in my mundane life now and I really regretted not going for OGL.At least it’ll spice up things a little bit.Nothing much to say.I think I’m addicted to tumblr hopping.Ciaos.

I don’t want to look back someday and find out that I’ve wasted the good years of my life.

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Italian footies.

Seeing this makes me sad.=(

I think I have an obsession with Italian footballers.Make it young Italian footballers.First Macheda now Fabio Borini.The most remarkable thing is they’re both only 18 and they are currently playing for two of the world’s most popular football team.Only 18 and yet,instant recognition.Talk abt the prowess of football publicity.I like Beckham best=)Anw,Borini is so cute lah.I mean,to be accepted by Chelsea..okay fine Chelsea’s no pushover and they have good players like Lampard,Terry and the likes,but normally,I don’t like Chelsea.Not.At.All,but I think I shall make an exception for Borini hahah.I’m watching Chelsea TV from now on.BUT Manchester United’s priority.

I have no idea why I’m spewing football stuff nonstop.The other day I was reading Torres’ biographical novel and it is so unlike me to be engrossed in a …footballer’s world.Looks like even the world is upside down at times.Now every dinnertime,my bro and I talk in football language and I feel like punching myself sometimes for becoming the person that I’ve always feared to be.A footballic.How ironic,but I’m as happy as I can be.=)))

Getting back into reality,I suddenly find myself ambushed by loads of holiday assignments.Been doing Math for a few days already.Despite having so much to do,I’d rather stay at home and do my work than go back to school.cause staying at home allows me to do my stuff at my own time and whims.Doing what I want makes life a perfect heaven.Speaking of which,2009’s really coming to an end.Wow a whole decade is almost gone just like that.In 1999,I was only..7 years old.Boy oh boy.I don’t want to get caught in the whirlwind of JC life again,however it sure looks like there’s another year to go-a year of frets,tears,smiles and A levels before we all go on our separate ways cause the road ahead holds different promises and dreams for all of us.I sure hope the Psychology route is my own yellow brick road brimming with chances and dreams.

90 minutes of the game.The ball’s round.Anything can happen.Anything can go wrong or go right in this game of life.Now what are you waiting for?Go tackle them and play for your own rights.Like how they’ve stolen what should have been yours and you have to fight for your dreams.

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Drama Days.


Good read and a mug of coffee-perfect,idyllic picture.

I must confess my love for TVB dramas.I’m hooked to The Four now=)There’s something abt Raymond Lam,Ron Ng,Kenneth Ma and Samuul Chan that you just can’t explain.Their dramas are very..marketable.I can’t stop listening to HXM’s songs too.And I’m currently reading up on China’s history regarding the battle of the three kingdoms.It must be so cool to have an advisor like Fan Li.I was watching The Conquest the other day and Chen Kun as Fan Li was simply brilliant.He’s the “scholar” type of actor.Currently swept up in the HongKong-China craze.Don’t mind me.

Raymond Lam’s drama now.TATA.

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James Dean.


I still think that James Dean is the hottest,sexiest,most handsome and the most rebellious human that has ever walked on earth.Forever the rebel of my heart.

Finished the first draft of I&R and a box of clips and new highlighters brought a smile to my face as I just love those colors!These days I’ve been pretty immersing myself in the world of Oldies.For a start,I was rummaging through all the James Dean’s clips I can find and I find that he’s the ultimatum-He’s practically a man’s man.Oh and this is so random.After a chat with Sharon,I started reading up on Elvis Presley(I know right)and I officially declare that James Dean is wayyy hotter than Elvis.Elvis’s songs serenade me to sleep oh boy.Oh and I read up on Elvis and James Dean being extremely good friends before Dean died in the carcrash.BOO.He could have been great.I mean,Paul Newman only became popular after James Dean died and he took over his starring role in several movies.I wish I was born in the 1940s.Then I can get to meet ALL of them.There is something so romantic about 50s Hollywood and the artistes and I realised that they are only sane when they’re living out their lives in front of the screen.After the director yells “cut”, they leave behind a trail of screwed up lives.I want more James Dean.

Reality is screwed like seriously.That’s why I want to spend the rest of my days dreaming and smiling like a fool because I’m happier that way.

Is that too much to ask?

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When I was young,I wished I was old enough to know everything,Now that I’m finally no longer a kid,I found that there are actually many more things I don’t understand and it seems,I understood them better when I was much younger then.The irony of the situation that is.

Let the pictures do the talking.Shld I switch to Tumblr?Damn nervous for OP.Hopefully everything will go fine.Hopefully.

“When we meet again we’ll probably talk about the weather.Because that is what people do when they grow apart.”

“It’s funny how you still love the person but you just stop needing them like  you used to.” -eletheowl

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