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6 JULY 2013


I don’t know where to start, there’s so many things I’ll like to pen down, but I can’t find it in me to begin. Perhaps if I never really began writing then I wouldn’t need to deal with. To be honest, perhaps one will never be able to recapture the first fine careless rapture. It is inevitable for me to consistently compare SS5 to the previous SS3 and SS4 which I have attended. I told myself that as long as there were Super Shows in Singapore, I would always be there and for a series of reasons I was able to attend SS5 even though it wasn’t premeditated in my plans. Anyway, perhaps SS5 SG happened at a wrong time-the boys were unhappy about the petition back home (ELF civil war, what’s new guys),the organizing company’s obnoxiously high ticket sales which had an adverse effect on audience participation, and many other factors. As much as I enjoyed the show, I couldn’t shrug off the company’s capitalist tendencies. I don’t buy into the factor that SS5 cost a humongous amount to produce/manage. It was simply their way of milking the boys/kpop for all their worth. I mean seriously, teenagers still make up the bulk of Suju’s fanbase. If you set the ticket price to be extravagantly high to the point that ordinary teenagers would have to empty all their pockets just for a night of enjoyment and conviviality, the trade offs and opportunity costs would be too much to handle. For that, I would have to say, Shame on you. It’s contradictory though because if it wasn’t for this company I wouldn’t have the chance to go for SS5 too, but for all that has been said and done, I’m thankful, yet I cannot condone this.

it was lovely seeing the boys again no doubt. I wouldn’t have to go into details unlike my two earlier concerts because after seeing them for a couple of times, they are more and more like my friends, boys next door-eque. I really appreciated every moment with them that night. Siwon was still the adoringly handsome shisus, Donghae was the same old kiddish boy with the eternally sweet smile,Eunhyuk was still the energetic and mood lifter him, Sungmin was still teasingly cute, Ryeowook was still precious and simply a bundle of happiness and joy, Kyuhyun was still the awkward and hardworking him, Shindong was still the ray of sunshine, Kangin was so smiley and witty throughout the entire concert Idk what to do with him, Henry and Zhou Mi were still their usual selfs, adorable, pleasing, friendly and heartwarming. Its as though nothing had changed, but perhaps if we stepped out of our roles as idols and fans, and reassess ourselves as citizens of the world, people of a different mould yet still members of the human race, it all boils down to one fact. We’re still humans and individuals, with dreams and aspirations. No longer am I the girl who allows fantasies and dreams to be the complete makeup of my world,and I no longer live, waiting for the day to see Super Junior again. They are men now and have their own lives and dreams. There comes a point in time when you see things clearly and the images start to lose their burnished shimmer, the wonderful package starts to unravel and the seams at the ends start to quiver and loosen. Then you realize, its all part of growing up. I love SuperJunior and they will always have the ultimate special place in my heart. I cannot imagine who I’ll be without them and for that, for many years to come I’ll still yearn to see them. Many years from now, as long as they continue to hold acts in Singapore I’ll gladfully be at the stage’s end to hear them sing and make fools of one another and to laugh and cry all over again, simply because its this special bond between Super Junior and ELFs that makes life’s tribulations a little easier.

Then we all go on.

Our identities go through bricolage. yesterday, today and tomorrow are phases we go through continuously and we are supported and propped up by memories that we’ve accumulated over the years and its impossible to view a person by whoever he was at a point in time. Similarly, even though we are merely performing our role/duty as an idol, a student, a son/daughter, a father/mother, we are all a mosaic of emotions and experiences and perhaps, understanding this furthers the point that whatever we experience in life is never negatory. Just like how Super Junior have impacted the lives of ELFs, ELFs similarly have affected their personalities and characters and even their lives, somehow. I’m getting a little philosophical here, and maybe a little emotional, but if I hadn’t had such immense difficulty sifting through the tangles of memory and reality, perhaps I’ll be able to do more justice to this post.

Yet I can never deny this. No matter how old I become, no matter how winding the road ahead will be, I will always love Super Junior.That is the most basic of promises I can make and keep. Till we meet again, Super Junior. You are always in my heart and as cliche as it sounds,you’re part of me, for as long as I keep breathing.


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Because I’m extremely biased to Kangta,Super Junior and DBSK,here are their promotional posters of I AM

Okay here goes. Never in my life had I experienced intense and undulated screaming in a movie theatre.Never until SMTOWN I AM hit the shores of Singapore and Dynn(my lovely kpop soulmate and my beautiful buddy)  and I decided to give the documentary/movie a run. The ticket price was hefty, and it was pretty obvious even the movie organizations in Singapore had decided to milk the kpop wave and its franchise for all its worth.Anyway,we decided to go namely for DBSK (Dynn esp) and Super Junior and OF COURSE seeing my HUBBY KANGTA (yes for soccer I have hubby villa,for kpop its always gonna be Ahn Chil Hyun-yes right you may think “continue dreaming” ah but whatever). It was no surprise to find the outskirts of the theater flooded with young fans I mean most of them must be in secondary school and we felt old in that moment. Oh well.

It was freaking surprising the moment Sungmin (yes he was the first person that appeared in the movie) and the crowd screamed. Okay.Next was Kangta AND OMFG I SCREAMED TOO AND IT WAS SHOCKING TO HEAR THE SHRILLS OF MANY OTHERS AS WELL. Over the course of the movie, it seemed as though many of the crowd were made up of Shawols, Sones and a portion of ELFS. Dynn screamed for Super Junior too I’m so proud of her <3333 Anyway, the whole movie ran for 1h 45 min it was close to 2 hours and I would say that it’s probably one of the best documentaries that I have seen in recent years. The movie was relatively fast paced and what I really liked about it was the amount of humanity oozing out of the film. Of course one may argue that it’s supposed to be humane,but that’s not what I mean. What I mean and refer to is the essence of simplicity and the idea of the Beginning in the film.

Whether one likes it or not,it’s impossible to deny the existence and pertinence of the Hallyu wave.  Many of SM’s celebrities are practically household names in the music dictionary of adolescents and even adults who sought an alternative form of entertainment. It’s their era right now and many of these idols are adored by many, and they are often cast in a refulgent light, luminating this dreary world of terrorist attacks, famine, widespread poverty, accusations and violations against human rights. What kpop does is that as cliche as it sounds,it allows everyone regardless of race and language to enjoy music. To savor the jocundity of melody and to consume an entity of perfection even if its non existent in their own lives-kpop is perfectly packaged for such needs-with burnished idols, catchy melodies that lingers around your head long after the music had sung its final note,idols who looked as though they just traipsed out of the walk in wardrobe etc…the undying formula which had spurned many identical renditions of its kind.Smtown I AM presents all of these in one single documentary,and then rebuts them as the movie unfolds and one is exposed to the reality behind all the glitz and the glam.

There’s a saying that goes along the ideas of the world only remembering the first.When you are at the top, you have the whole world at your feet.Your words are their words,your actions are their actions and your life becomes a textbook for these people.When one is at the top, nothing matters.What matters is the present and there is no time more ripe than the present. It’s never going to get any better because what else can you have when the whole world is just a touch,a song or even a smile away? It’s extremely easy for fans to fall into the phrase of worshiping their idols but many often forget that the idols are just like them-they live,breathe,tear and probably break down just as much as the fans do-they just aren’t allowed to show it.The corollary to popularity has got to be the facade that idols have to put.They aren’t allowed to reveal their problems to the public because that would impress a blemish on their shining selves-SM TOWN I AM is everything but that. From the tapes of pre debut days where the idols are often casted in unglam hairstylees with ruffled bedlike hair and sleepy eyes, to unpolished skills and faces that had never been dipped in rouge..they are just like us in every way imaginable.What separates them from us is probably the fact that we do not live a life which caters to the needs of others and we do not sing/dance for a living.The similarity just boils down to the fact that all of us have dreams and all of us want to find our place in this everchanging, extremely turbulent and fickle world.We aren’t that different. Sm town I AM brings us back to the halcyon days of the idols,the days when they were still unpolished jewels and the days when they were the most real. They look at the mirror and see themselves in them and many started off by harboring dreams to change the world-but they slowly realized that before changing the world,they had to change themselves first.Metamorphosis.That’s the key word.

Then and Now.As a fan, seeing the then and now of Kangta,Super Junior and DBSK was extremely heartwarming.It gives back a certain vulnerability back into these idols and that’s what made me love them even more.Ultimately,we’re all dreamers.Without their past histories there wouldn’t be a present them.I’m thankful for that and I know that for the rest of my life,I’ll always love them.One never stops growing and learning in life and we’re constantly tossed along the savage undercurrents of love,fear and loss. Faced with such disparities and such quandaries, it’s easy to just withdraw into a state of self effacement-but one must never forget the first rapture of a dream and the rush of adrenaline and desire that is vital for the steering in the road of Life. Thank you for reminding me of that. Life means movement and even if one is on the right course,upon stagnation he or she faces a 99.9% chance of being run down by an encroaching vehicle.

Many ask me why I like kpop. The question does not hinge on the word “kpop”. I refuse to see it as an exclusive noun because many of us have personal passions of our own and they serve as unseen forces,giving us the additional push during the abysmal times. The reason why there is day and night is because there are always two sides to a view.The day always has to give way to the night and so happiness at its height have to come down someday.When there’s love there’s hate,when there’s gain there’s loss.When there’s darkness,there’s always the dawn.

It’s always darkest before dawn,but if you just hold on for a few more hours or even minutes,the light will slowly filter in.What lies ahead will always be amazing because it is what we make it out to be.

Funny how I gained so much insights through the viewing of a single documentary,a movie that will definitely be regarded as fluff by professional movie critics.

Minho to Kangta: “Thank you for paving our way”

I would say,thank you for paving my way.I will be even braver before now in pursuing my dreams.

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What Namz and I saw at a cafe near the stadium..latent effect of Super Junior at its best ❤

SS4 WAS BEYOND AMAZING.I HAVE so much to say,but time will not permit because I’m incredibly sleepy now.First things first-SS4>SS3.I was a total emotional wreck.It felt good seeing the boys again.I think I now realized what love is really like.Love means you wishing that someone would be well and wishing that they would always be happy no matter what.I think besides my family and friends,I love the boys of Super Junior most.In time to come, I may stray away from them,but I can never unlove them.It all came full circle with CHOI SIWON.I will always remember Siwon as the first person I fell in love with in Kpop-it was him and his smouldering good looks that evoked my curiosity in Super Junior and the rest of kpop. After I was aware of Siwon’s existence,I began to be increasingly enthralled with kpop and DONGHAE and etc and it made me so happy.Hence it would be safe to conclude that it was CHOI SIWON who made me so happy.Okay I’m rambling but.SS4 was different from SS3 in so many ways.In SS3,I was younger, more innocent and more…new.In SS4 I’m abit older,a bit wiser,abit more…when I saw the boys perform,it felt different.I didn’t feel that starstruck anymore-It felt as though-as explained by Namira “it was like watching your friends perform”. I have to agree with that.If there’s one special quality about Super Junior, it is no other than their ability to make you feel right at home, to make you feel yourself and to make you feel like you’re having the time of your life.They make you feel so natural and so special-they’re stars at their zenith, yet seem to be the same approachable boys of next door-I hope they always maintain that special quality in them.

CHOI SIWON-it all came full circle on 19 January 2012.

Being the emotional wreck that I had been ever since I saw Heechul’ video in Oops, I started crying when the boys said their farewell message and stuff.The tears that I had fought so hard to contain and to swallow ever since the closure of the floodgates in Walkin just saw no return when I realized that the concert was nearly over.The boys-I love all of them.They performed Destiny as the final parting song(I’m glad it was in Chinese) and Siwon came over to my side.I had rushed down to the front during the encore and was able to clinch myself a place at that metal railing which separates us from the stage.As Siwon came over,I found my tears slipping down and HE CAUGHT ME CRYING.At first I was pretty shocked.I knew it was me when I realized that the girls beside me weren’t crying and Siwon was gesturing at me to wipe the tears.I did just that and he smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up-THAT WAS WHEN I KNEW HE WAS DEFINITELY LOOKING AT ME.I HONESTLY.It was…the ultimate dream of any fangirl to be recognized by your idol and it’s just surreal.I cannot love Shisus anymore than I did tonight and I think I will always love him.Even though Siwon is not the best singer/dancer/actor, he is a good man.He has a decent head on his shoulders and I think that’s most important.After all, when we think about it,what is most important at the end of the day is the fact that you’ve lived your life worthwhile and made people feel the best they can.Siwon made me feel that way and I’m forever thankful to him for that.One day when I’m old and gray and full of sleep,I may forget that  warm gruffness of his voice, his toned physique and smoldering good looks,but I know I will never forget how he made me feel.For that,CHOI SIWON I WILL ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVE YOU.(there’s no expiry date for that.)


well this boy.I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN DONGHAE WAS CONSTANTLY AT MY SIDE ALL THE TIME.THAT BOY IS AN ABSOLUTE DARLING.HOW CAN HE BE SO HOT AND SO SQUISHINGLY CUTE AT THE SAME TIME I JUST DONT GET IT. okay Donghae.The way he danced-UGH IT’S SO BEAUITFUL. ONE THING THAT NEVER CHANGES-If hyukjae can totally rock the stage with his dance moves,Donghae makes love with the stage so softly.OKAY I DONT KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN,but Donghae.He dances with passion yet there is restrained force and that results in a graceful element being produced. HE’S SO CUTE HE KEPT SKIPPING AROUND THE STAGE AND IS CONSTANTLY TRYING TO DRAW HYUK AND SIWON’S ATTENTION BY DANCING AROUND THEM.There was this  moment where he stood on the high rise and we were frantically waving about at him.He’s so real then.It’s like.wow.AND THEN HE SANG ZHE SHI AI FOR HIS SOLO I LOVED THAT SONG AND I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN HE SANG THAT SONG.WITH THAT SWEET,DOCILE SMILE OF HIS AND LOOKING SO HUGGABLE IN THAT LIME GREEN SUIT WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HYUK’S ,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OPPA OPPA WAS THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST.Okay when it comes to Donghae,he just reopens all the motherly instincts in me.OH AND DID I MENTION THAT HAE FORGOT TO COME OUT DURING HIS PART IN DOREMI.!!!! HE TOTALLY SKIPPED HIS TURN AND HE REALIZED THAT AND GAVE THE SHY “OH SHUCKS I MISSED IT LOOK” AHHHHHH SO DARLINGGGGGGGGGGG. ANDThat boy never changes his tongue is forever glib-He said that “you guys are locked in the stadium with me tonight so don’t bother escaping.you have to sleep with me” and he proceeded to lying on the ground and pretending that he’s asleep.HOW SWEET TONGUED CAN THIS DARLING GET? HE’S PERFECTION.


OKAY THIS MAN.First of all, despite his snarky demeanor, Cho Kyu Hyun is a complete darling.He’s a sweetheart.Kyuhyun said that he was pretty worried that those ELFs at the corners and the second row could not see them properly and missed out on the fun,so he did his best to wave frantically and HE RAN ALL OVER THE PLACE OKAY HE RAN ALL OVER THE STADIUM TO THE UTMOST ENDS AND WAVED SO HARD IT’S LIKE HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE HIM.The thing is,he was so sweet and his actions were really so endearing and were much appreciated.Kyuhyun even came over to my side so frequently even though he was based at the other side.OH AND STEVE JOBS KYU.WOW CHO KYUHYUN WOULD BE THE HOTTEST AHJUSSHI EVERRRRRRRRRRR he’s so nerdily hot and so sexy in that turtleneck but erm.Kyu CAN YOU NOT DO THAT CENTER PARTING OF HAIR PLEASE IT REALLY CREEPS ME OUT WITH YOUR SINISTER SMILE TO BOOT.HAHHA AND HE WAS BITING ONTO APPLES AND THROWING EM INTO THE CROWD.Hehe HE LOOKED SO HAPPY I WAS JUST AWWWWWW.AND HIS SOLO-Steve Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely.Wow I just……when he played the harmonica I was just blown away.His fingers ugh.Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful.


AHHHHHH THAT MANBOY.I was so moved to tears when I heard his solo-Leeteuk playing the piano and the saxophone is the best combination ever.He went and give out roses to my side (but I didn’t get them BUT) I don’t know why,the mere thought of me thinking that he would no longer be here the next time round just dampens all the happy mood in me and I would just wanna mope around and not do anything but just mope.Teuk is wonderful he’s so hardworking and he gives his everything it’s so amazing.He tries so hard our leader tries so freaking hard it’s like he’ll do anything as long as his health and body allows.I cannot do anything else but love him for that.AND HE WAS SO HIGH YESTERDAY HE WAS CONSTANTLY RUNNING AROUND AND JAMMING HIS HEAD AND UGH HAHAHA for a 29 year old he sure has ALOT OF ENERGY and during good friends,he turned upside down and I WAS LIKE OMG ALL THE BLOOD IS RUSHING TO HIS HEAD HOW CAN HE TAKE IT AIYAH THIS BOY.




AHHHHH SUNGMINNIE. Okay Sungmin-he’s really really really goodlooking and has such beautiful features.AND MARILYN MINGROE WITH BOOBS-AT ONE POINT SUNGMIN EVEN ADJUSTED HIS BRA OKAY WAYLT.I love Ming.His solo was amazing he’s so talented and he dances so well.His tenor like voice is……….dreamy.dreamy.dreamy.AND SUNGMIN IMITATING KYUHYUN’S CENTER PARTING HAIR WAS HILARIOUS EVEN THOUGH MINGROE HAD NO FRINGE.AHHHHH I LOVE YOU LEE SUNGMIN.He was so sweet when he said hat he was upset they couldn’t stay another night-in fact they left around 11 plus yesterday but he wised he could stay on a little more-YOUR THOUGHT IS WELL APPRECIATED DARLING.


WOOKIE.WOOKIE.WOOKIE.BOY YOU HAVE REALLY MATURED.I was so excited when Ryeowook showed a different part of him.He works so hard I don’t know what to do but applaud him for that.It was damn cute when he finished off that sexy dance with a cute smile-I was thinking,oh that WOOKIE I’ve known since forever still exists hehe.He really showed off his professionalism by venturing into waters untouched and he did it so damn well.I’m proud of you Kim Ryeowook.YOU ARE THE GREATEST SWEETHEART ALWAYS SO SMILEY AND SO EXCITED WAVING AT FANS AND WAVING AT US WE LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS YOU LOVE US.


AHHHHHHHHHH YESUNGIE.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOUR VOICE JUST BRINGS ME TO HEAVEN I’M NO EVEN JOKING.Yesung-He’s a miracle he’s a  wonder he’s an Angel.His voice I really cannot get enough of his voice it makes me so happy really.I was so mesmerized by his solo that I couldn’t help but stop waving my lightstick and just stare-and stare-and stare.It was only after his last note that the senses of my body awoke from their deep mesmerized slumber and broke into a thunder of applause.He’s the best singer LIVE and he’s so cute he tries so hard to run along with the other members even though I could tell he’s so tired and exhausted.AND HE TRIED TO DELAY BEING SPLASHED WITH WATER HEHE AND HE CHOSE SUNGMIN TO GO ALONG WITH HIM.SO CUTE OKAY.AHHH JONGWOON<3333333333333333




ahhhhhhHENRRYYYYYYYYY.I’m glad you felt lots of love yesterday-you’re overflooding with so much talents my dearest and you’re wonderful.YOUR VOICE AND YOUR SKILLS. Henry Lau i really Love you so much I’m glad it was a two way process yesterday.It’s gonna be even better from now onwards okay.We love you so much and we will always have your back no matter what.You’re still so young you have the whole world waiting for you.I’ll be wherever you are okay Henry.ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LOVING YOU XOXO


MIMI YOU ARE GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.YOUR SOLO TOTALLY MOVED ME TO TEARS.I wish I could hold you and tell you how special you are.YOUR SMILE-I can never get enough of it.You’re really the sunflower in my life honey and I wish that you’ll always be happy,always be smiling and always being the best that you can be.I love you my sunflower and you’re my king of endless legs.HEARTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


ss4 made me realize why I loved Super Junior so much and I KNOW THAT I will always continue loving them for the longest time to come-Forever’s not enough for me to love them that’s for sure.However,right now I do understand my priorities and I know that the boys of Super Junior have their own priorities too.If there’s two things I’ve took away with me when I left the stadium yesterday,it was the warmth that Siwon showed towards me and the joy that Super Junior have showered upon me yesterday.I know as time comes to pass and months fly by,the way months always do,I may forget a little and it will not be long before I will start forgetting alot of stuff that happened during SS4,but I know that I will never forget the way they made me feel.I will never forget how it felt like to jam along to their music and to sing and to shout my heart out with Namira and I will never forget the way they made me feel.Yesterday at SS4,I knew I was no longer that younger, more innocent and starstruck girl at SS3.At SS4,I was a little older,a little wiser,a little more worldweary and Super Junior just rekindled my faith in mankind and in life again.They taught me that Life gets arduous and Life gets exhausting and ultimately we’re just a bunch of humans trying to pursue our own dreams, to do what we want without leaving any residue of regrets.I know I have bigger dreams to fulfil now and Super Junior cannot be my whole life.I know outside ss4,beyond the glitz and glamour of their public life,they’re just men trying to do what they want and find their own places in this world-they too have their own untold dreams and aspirations-so we shall work towards our ambitions and goals together.I will always love them still.When they do come to Singapore again,I know I’ll be there for them.I’ll always support them from my own corner of the earth,and take charge of my own life at the same time-I guess it must be the realization of this “rite of passage” that choked me and resulted in the opening of the floodgates.I love them so much I love them enough to let them do whatever they want and be happy.I need to love myself,my family and friends more now.

An ELF to the end.The end’s only the beginning.



(pictures will be posted soon)

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Dear Siwon,

First I must say that you are nothing short of amazing.Sometimes,you are so amazing that I am rendered speechless and I don’t know how to start.As I try to recall stuff that happened eons ago such as how did I get into kpop and stuff,you are the FIRST image that comes to my head.Yes,it was thanks to you that I entered the world of kpop and I’ve been hooked ever since.It was you who brought me into this amazingly new world-a world that I had never dreamt to be part of and used to ignore until that day I saw you in some magazine and I was immediately enthralled,enticed and attracted to.I must say that you are REALLY GOOD LOOKING,REALLY HANDSOME,REALLY HOT AND PICTURE PERFECT.Really.Even though I fell in love with you at first based on a superficial reason-I had liked you and wanted to know more about you..it slowly evolved to love when I knew more about you-about your character,your background,your personality and I see that there is so much more to that good looks and perfect built.You are so much more  than just being a picturesque man.I don’t exactly know what to say because what I feel towards you simply cannot be expressed in words.Let’s just say that you are the most alluring man that I know and perhaps,will ever know.

Siwon,it’s not difficult to notice you in Super Junior since you are forever standing at the centre and look the most “masculine” among the boys.I love you Siwon,not because you are attractive-but because you are more than that-more than the world gives you credit for.If I have to say the truth,the truth is that your outward appearance mirrors your inner self-I see a nice and beautiful soul,a generous heart that gives and gives.The things you would do for your members amazes me.THe simple things such as always being there as a pillar of strength for Donghae,always listening to Donghae and always giving Donghae a hug whenever he needs it…just makes my heart so happy.It’s not only Donghae,but everyone else.I still remember your distraught frame in Happy Camp when Hangeng and you apologised for not being able to film the show due to the terrible accident in Korea and you just couldn’t bring yourelf to laugh and crack jokes and have fun,because a part of you was severely affected.I still remembered how you cried when Super Junior won their first ever Mutizen award and it touched my heart.Like really.Like wow,the smiley and tough Siwon who rarely shows his teary emotions really cried and I realize,I needed to protect you and love you too because even if you acted like a man,you’re just a boy at heart.I can feel it.Even though you are definitely not the oldest,but it seems as though you are one of the parents of Super Junior-the one that everyone can count on.I  will never forget how in SS2 Shanghai,you protected Zhou Mi and Henry from the only 13s and when they were booed upon.You clearly did not mask your dissatisfaction and made sure you stood beside them for the rest of the night.Such simple gestures really make me think you are an Angel Siwonnie.To protect the innocent people who always get hurt.I remember how you thank the Thai fans in SS3 when they so ardently supported the two and at that moment,I just couldn’t help but tear up because I just feel so happy that I’m in love with one of the most wonderful men ever.Recently,I saw in an interview that you did in 2007 with a magazine and you said “The member that I want to be the most is Kyuhyun.I want to bear the pain for him” and let me tell you this-I immediately teared up when I saw that.I’m really so happy,so touced and so awed at your big heart and love for your members I don’t even.How much you lov Kyuhyun,that evil maknae of ours is unimaginable I guess;the fact that you actually said that just reiterated the kind of person you are-generous,self sacrificial and warm hearted.Donghae said once that you were clearly one of the nicest and sweetest person he’s ever known,that you cried uncontrollably in 2008 when the Sichuan earthquake occured and many lives were taken away.You not only love your members and your fans so much Siwon,you love people and Life itself and because of that,I cannot possibly love you without all I have,because you deserve as much love as you give out.<33333

I know stardom has not been an easy path for you,from meeting the parental objection to making it big in the fickle entertainment industry.But I can gladly say that you’ve made it dear.It’s funny,you didn’t have to go through all the tiring things that predebut trainees have to do,you could have just comfortably go through your student life and graduate and do something else,but you chose the tougher path of being an entertainer and the fact that you had to start everything from scratch as your dad refuses to support you claiming that you could be on your own since you even made it through the auditions.I’m sure you made him very proud,as you’re so successful now.You wouldn’t even call yourself being successful,but to me you are.Oh Siwon,I need to thank you for something.Thank you for being Hangeng’s confidant in his early years in SM.Hangeng has always said that it was you who had accompanied him through his tough times,when he was in a strange country,exposed to the unfamiliar environment and an even unfamiliar language.You would often speak to him in the bits of Chinese you know and make him feel at home.I cannot imaginne the amound of comfort that you had brought to Geng and perhaps,if it wasn’t for you and Heechul,Geng would feel even more horrible.You are truly heavensent,Siwon.I love you Siwon,really.From your bigheart to your joker smile to your gentlemanly instincts to your derp faces to your handgestures,You are wonderful and will always be.Did I mention how you are the only one who can pull off a derp face and still look decently good?I swear you look good from every angle and even if your features are scrunched up,you will still look decent.You know why?It’s because beyond the surface level,you have one of the most clear and beautiful heart that shines through and it’s impossible to dislike you.Don’t be so hard on yourself Siwon.I know you feel like you still have eons to go before you attain your own goals and stuff,but so far,you’ve been doing extremely well and ELFs will always know your name and remember your name with much love and affection.Continue being you,continue your dorky jokes and funny expressions,continue making hand gestures and derp faces to make us laugh and continue being a Choi Siwon that ELFs,Super Junior and God are proud of.You are everyone’s Angel Choi Siwon and will always be.

I wish you all the best,our prince Charming.Seriously,I’ve always thought that Prince Charmings are the stuff of fantasy and doesn’t exist in the real world,but right now I think I’ve found one…in Super Junior.From head to toe,from inside out,from every ounce of being in me,I can truly say that you are the storybook perfect man.Not because of who you are,but because of what you’ve done and what you’ve made people feel.All your imperfections have formed the way you are today and thank you for bringing so much light into my life.I will always remember how you looked in SS3 Singapore,how happy you were when you were singing that prayer song and how you dorkily asked”do you want to go with me to church tomorrow morning?” and I’m glad that I am aware of your existence.You give so much love to your fans and the world and the world needs all the love it can get.So thank you Siwon.Thank you for introducing me to this world where I feel so happy and learnt so many things,thank you for loving your members and guiding them(I know Donghae looks up to you so much you are really such a good influence on him),thank you being …you.I love you Siwon,it’s okay if people say that all you have is looks and nothing else-for that I need to rebutt because even if you are not the best singer or dancer or actor,you are still one of the most special people to me because you are the way you are and I love you for being that way. You know how you walk through Life and some people just come by,alter the way you are and expose yourself to bigger views and wider pictures and you are never the same again? Well,you are one of them.Even though we are not friends or anything,but the fact that I am aware of your existence,able to know about you and keep in touch with you through media,the net and stuff just makes me feel so lucky.You taught me to always look on the brighter side of Life,to always hang tough and always smile through the rain.There are times so depressing I forget about that,but it’s still better than nothing because at least,I have a role model whom I can look up to.For the rest of my Life,Siwon,I will never forget you and I wish you all the best.Thank you for everything and when I am old,I will tell my grandchildren about the one man that inspired me so much in my teen years and opened an alternative route to neverending laughter,happiness and inspirations to me,in the form of Super Junior,kpop and Life itself..I love you Siwon,with all I have in me and May God bless you Choi Siwon.<3333333333333333

Always,your Siwonest,


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Dear Donghae(okay this sounds.),

You will definitely NOT be reading this but I need to get this out of my chest.In case you don’t know,I’ve been loving you for quite some time already and I must say that I’m more and more in love with you as each day passes.From your smile,to your eyes to your hair to your arms to your throat to your friendly and amiable demeanour and beautiful soul and personality,I cannot find a thing that I do not love about you.I remember my first impression of you was “oh this other SJ dude beside Siwon” in Ariel Lin’s music video and I simply shrugged you off as I was far too bedazzled by Siwon then.However once I quickly immersed myself in the intricate world of SuperJunior,I slowly shifted my attention to you.You have the glibest tongue in the world do you know that?You totally captured my heart with those sweet words and EVEN THEN,I was still not convinced…until I saw your solo stage.I saw the way you danced,and I knew I was in it for life.The way you danced.It was totally different from Hangeng’s.I still remembered that Hangeng’s dancing style was slightly robotic,very agressive and incredibly hot and swoonworthy and I was amazed,however when I saw you dance,I was stunned.Literally.Lee Donghae,you are most beautiful when you dance and you seem the most alive.Others like Geng and Hyukjae rule the dancefloor with almost a treble of violence and strength,but your was smooth,slick and even romantic.The way you dance in Don’t Don and other mvs,it seems so effortless and there is a certain GRACE to your movements and it totally enthralled me.It seems as though the inner spirit in you is unleashed on the dance floor.Yes,dancing Hae has got to be my favorite.I never showed interest in dances and I never knew how to appreciate dance moves,but it was only until you came and Super Junior came that I realized that dancing is an art,dancing is a passion and dancing is LIFE itself.

Furthermore Lee Donghae,you’ve got to be the celebrity whom I know who cries the most.But that is such an adorable aspect of you.In fact I guess one part that attracts me to you has got to be the fact that we seem to be alike in so many ways.We fear to be alone,hate to be neglected,cry too much for our own good,loves skinship and need to have what we want or else a tantrum will arise.I can almost see myself reflected in your personality and  that is something so precious I don’t even.When I first got to know you,I love your vivacious and bubbly and attention seeking personality,however it seems as though there was something behind that smile,something that I did not know yet…until I saw this interview one day and you were crying over your father.At that moment,it totally broke my heart Hae,to see you cry.The boy who loves to smile,the boy who loves to bully Hyukjae and adores Siwon and Kibum,the boy who loves to hog the camera,is actually just a boy who misses his father so much.He’s every girl’s dream man,but he is just a boy who has to shoulder his father’s big dreams.He gave up his own dream of being a soccer player to fulfil his dad’s wishes of being a singer.That itself is a huge responsibility to carry.Our innocent Hae is forced to grow up fast-he’s still the same boy who cried in the toilet when Hyukjae and Junsu teased him about changing when he’s famous,only now He is a member of Super Junior adored by millions and has to be a role model and grow up.My darling Hae,I’m forever reminded by the hurt in your eyes each time you talk about your dad,the way your voice crack and tremble.I can never get that image out of my head and I know that some part of your heart will never be whole again.I know you always smile and have a good time with the other Suju members and ELFs and I believe that you are really happy,but deep down,there’s always a part of you which is incomplete.I’ve never known what it is like to be that strong Hae,but you set an example for me.Being strong is not easy,being strong takes a good deal of courage and strength and I admire you in every single way.The members had revealed once that you always cry in your phone calls home and I know how much you miss your family.You,along with the rest of Suju had sacrificed their youth and precious times with your family and friends to make a mark in the entertainment business and that itself is a cause for admiration.I cannot say how much I respect you for being that strong Hae for it is something I can never do,right now.Now I know,the story behind that sunshine pearly smile,and why your eyes always shimmer with melancholy and there always seem to be an invisible shadow casting over your frame,even in the brightest of places.No one will truly know how it feels,unless they are you;and for that Hae,I cannot bring myself to forsake you and I need to love you with all that I have.

My dream of seeing you came true on 29 January 2011,IN ss3 Singapore..I cannot properly express the feeling of seeing you live in 4D,live in flesh and skin and I will never  forget that second when you came near and I called your name and you looked at me directly in the eye,smiled and waved.I could keep staring forever.That moment,I swear We were infinite.Lee Donghae,I never thought that I could be within an arm’s length from you and I never thought you could walk past me/walk near me and hear your voice live,but you did and I’m forever grateful.I never thought I could be so close to you to the point that I could see the varying shades of color in your hair (from red to brown to black)and the smoothness of your skin and the fact that you are just there,raw and real and breathing the same air as me,seeing the same things as me.I can never put that feeling of sheer ecstasy and gratitude into words.I adore how I screamed your name all the time and waved my lightstick in that sapphire blue sea.I adore you Lee Donghae.I love how you interacted with all the other members,your attempts to speak in English and your cosy and intimate moment with Siwon*winks*.I wish I could shake your hand and have a selca with you,but whatever I’ve gained from that night is enough until the next time I see you again.You are extremely precious my boy.

I remember during the A levels period,I was feeling incredibly stressed out and alone even though my friends and I were fighting the same war,but you and Super Junior were there for me during that horribly tough time.Each time I felt torn and  terrible,I turned to you and SJ.I cannot explain the amount of comfort I gain from listening to your music,watching your videos and laughing like no tomorrow.You are my own brand of heroin and laughing gas Hae.I’m glad things in A levels turned out fine and work turned out fine too.You and SJ was my motivation in finding a job fast,in venturing out to the workforce fast and I’ve learnt alot about office politics and human nature since.Even though you may not know it,you were always there for me and I always had to turn to you and SJ.Some may call me a mindless fangirl,a girl who is too absorbed in her own world,but I call it love.Inspiration.You and SJ were my inspiration and motivation to try out different things,to be braver than before.I was willing to be strong for my parents,and I am willing to be strong for them and you and Suju too.I cannot even describe the amount of impact you had in my life and will always have.I’ve always questioned myself what if I wake up one day and I got sick and tired of you,but then I realize I never will.Sure there will be one day when you will stop becoming my whole world and part of my daily life,and my husband(real life)will come and take over your place and by then I might be too old to be your fangirl,however one thing’s for certain-I will never ever stop loving you.One day I will show my child or even grandchild pictures of my idols when I was a teenager and I’ll always say your name and Suju and tell them how much I love them and how much they impacted my life.I really hope You will be happy Lee Donghae,because you made me and millions so happy and I think,for once,you should live for yourself.Live not  for your father,Live not for your family and friends,but Live for yourself.Have a girlfriend if it makes you happy.It will definitely break my heart,but I will smile and accept it for you are a man and you are a normal human being and you deserve to have a life like a normal human.I love you Lee Donghae,I always will.When you go to the army in 3 years’ time, I don’t know what I will be like in 3 years,but I know that even if I stopped being a fangirl by then,deep down there’s a part of me that will always wait for your return.Like how I’m waiting for Kangin,Kibum and Hangeng,I will always wait for you.

I’m starting University in August Hae,and it’s gonna be a wild ride and I might not have so much time for you and Super Junior anymore,but I will always put you guys in my heart and I will keep listening to your music,watch your shows and keep myself updated with your news.That’s the least I can do.When I’m older and finacially stable,I will fly over to Korea and attend all your shows and fanmeets,For now I shall stick with the promise of SS4 to see you again.Please grace Singapore’s shores soon.Latest is next year okay!I don’t know how long Super Junior can last-forever’s not really forever but I’m glad I witnessed the glory of Super Junior in one night.When reality steps in the way,things might change but I know with every phase of life that I go through,you will always be with me,in my mind and in my heart and the fact that we’re all struggling to go through life and doing the things we want to do makes us One in the end.Teukie is OUR Angel ithout wings to grace the Sapphire blue sea,but you are MY OWN Angel Hae with brightest wings in the world to light up my life-and will always be.I love you Donghae,I always have and I always will.Be it Aiden Lee,Fishy Lee,Lee Donghae,이동해or 李东海, I love you and that will never change.

P.S:In your next life,please don’t be Super Junior’s Lee Donghae anymore.like all the other ELFs in the world,we know that one lifetime of being a member of Super Junior is enough.In your next life,be happy,do what you want and live it well.In my next life,if I have a choice,I’ll choose to be your wife and grow old with you.<333

Always your ELFish,


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These boys.I have a feeling this blog is gonna turn into a Super Junior blog.

Came across this in Tumblr-Elfs’ message to Super Junior and it expressed every single ounce of feeling I have for them in my heart and as I was reading it,I started sobbing.It’s seriously so touching I don’t even.

Elfs’ message:


“In my next life, I wont love all of you.Because in my next life, I wont be an ELF anymore. In my next life, there wont be ELF, there wont be Super Junior.
In the next life, I only wish you were yourselves.

No more Super Junior’s Leeteuk, only the privately quiet and delicate, Park Jung Soo;
No more Super Junior’s Heechul, only the loud but surprising, Kim Hee Chul;
No more Super Junior’s Hankyung, only the gentle and thoughtful one who makes delicious fried rice, Hangeng;
No more Super Junior’s Yesung, only the one who has an artistic voice, Kim Jong Woon;
No more Super Junior’s Kangin, only a glib-tongued one who likes drinking, Kim Young Woon;
No more Super Junior’s Shindong, only the one who doesnt look very eye-catching but is full of talent, Shin Dong Hee;
No more Super Junior’s Sungmin, only the one who can be cute to make his parents happy, Lee Sung Min;
No more Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, only the one who shows all his gums as he smiles widely, Lee Hyuk Jae;
No more Super Junior’s Donghae, only the one who works so hard for his fathers dream, Lee Dong Hae;
No more Super Junior’s Siwon, only the one who has a princely air about him yet likes skinship, Choi Si Won;
No more Super Junior’s Ryeowook, only the cute and shy one who has a heavenly voice, Kim Ryeo Wook;
No more Super Junior’s Kibum, only the one who plays his PSP so much that he forgets to eat, Kim Ki Bum;
No more Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, only the one who can show a bright and evil smile, Cho Kyu Hyun.

Not Super Junior a group, one life of Super Junior is enough.
Let all the love and charm be used up in this life, not leaving anymore for next time.
All those unnecessary times and things will pass..
Be the individuals you all used to be.

There won’t be Super Junior, no more massive amount of fans surrounding you, no more bodyguards protecting you, no more unnecessary discussions or rumours,
You can be free to do what you want, to love who you want to love,
You dont have to cover up just to go for a walk in the park,
You can walk hand in hand with your girlfriends, eating cake together, watching movies together..
You can watch concerts with your family, but then it will be someone else on stage, not Super Junior anymore

When that time comes, you wont have to stay up at nights, you wont have just 2 or 3 hours of sleep due to packed schedules,
All of you can eat well, sleep well..
When that time comes, you wont have backaches from long hours rehearsing dances, wont leave bruises and injuries on your young bodies..
You wont have to say things like Once the camera is on, I have to change from Park Jung Soo to Leeteuk, Super Juniors Leader, and I have to show only the best to everyone.
When that time comes, even if youve injured yourself, you will be made to rest, and you wont have to grit your teeth through performances just for the fans.
When that time comes, you wont be the Super Junior that has thousands of people cheering for you..

But as for now, you are Super Junior that belongs to ELF. This is something that cannot be changed..
All ELF can do for you is: love you, love you very much, love you very very much, do our best in loving you.
Because in the next life there wont be Super Junior, we will use all the love we have in this life to love you.
In this life, I will love you with all I can. In this life, let ELF love you with all we can.
In the next life, please live a life that belongs to you..
In the next life, I wont love all of you, really.
Because in the next life, my world wont consist of Super Junior, Super Junior wont exist anymore.

However, if in my next life, Super Junior still exists,
I will still choose to become an ELF”

Credits: Super Juniors Baidu Bar

In my next life,I still want to be an Elf.I want to be an Elf for the whole of my life and even many many many lives to come.If there is no Super Junior one day,in some other lives,I want to know them.I don’t care what they will become or what I will become,I want to be their friend and get to know them personally and do whatever that friends do.I don’t want a life without them.And for Donghae,in my next life,I want to be his wife.I don’t want to love him as a fan does anymore for it’s too excruciating at times.I want to give him all the happiness in the world.Super Junior,what will I do without you?

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It was at this moment when I shouted “LEE DONG HAE” AND Hae (second from the last) coincidentally(or he really heard it) and looked in my direction and waved back.omg there was a spilt second’s moment of eye contact alright I just died.P.S:My left hand was waving and was in the way =(

Heechul was SO CLOSE OKAY BUT HE DIDN’T SHAKE THE AUDIENCE HANDS BUT SMILED FLIRTATIOUSLY.I LOVED THIS PHOTO I TOOK.HE SHINES,LITERALLY.Even from the back,he looked DIFFERENT and that’s when I felt as though he was infinite-the world will never make anyone like KIM HEECHUL EVER AGAIN. Okay enough of my crappy photos(what was I supposed to do I am such an idiot for NOT BRINGING my cam and had to resort to using handphone cam.Oh well-if it’s possible,I will post my fancams soon,not in this post though-I love the videos I’ve been looking at them gratitiously for the last few hours)

epic Ryeomin moment.

Ryeomin #2-Wookie’s adorableadorable sweet voice + romantic strums of Sungmin’s guitar=DAEBAK PERFORMANCE.

The sea of sapphire blue is no longer the stuff of my dreams-I became part of it and it is now my REALITY.And I will wait until the day I will be in it again.


No it’s not Heechul…GUESS WHO!(Clue-love of Hae’s life)

My SS3 Merch-Bromide of 10 solo posters<33333333333333

My personal favorite of the night-Siwon attempting to kiss Hae-EPIC SIHAE MOMENT in front of Eunhyuk-I JUST ADORE EUNSIHAE<33333333333


Okay I don’t even know where to start.Can I just give a short fan account of everything?You will understand how awesome it was after seeing the fancams!Anyway,I was really really really hyped up for the concert and until now,I still cannot believe that I went for their concert okay,the whole thing was like a dream-and you know what,my darling boys-all 15 of them look freaking handsome and they look SO MUCH MORE GOODLOOKING IN PERSON-I can say that because I was less than 1.5m away from them for I ran down to the bottom of the terrace block and you can literally TOUCH THEM when they come near.OMG,I KNOW. I managed to shake Leeteuk,Shindong,Kyuhyun,Siwon and Sungmin’s hands and ahem.I shook CHO KYU HYUN’S HANDS TWICE.OKAY TWICE.AND HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYE WHEN HE WAVED!How do I know?There was this girl who screamed when he waved and shouted in my ear “omg oppa just stared at you why you so lucky!!!!!”Tell me about it.And this happened AGAIN except this time it was from…..LEE DONG HAE.I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I CAN JUST DRIFT AWAY FROM SHEER HAPPINESS.I think I must have screamed really loud for he turned his head and looked in my direction when they were doing the suju train thingy around the stage.Look at the above photos and you will know.Oh and SIWON.OH DAMN THAT MAN.I screamed like no one’s business when Siwon jumped and sat on the railing of the terrace block.Omg I was less than 1 m away from him and I shook his hand!Goodness he was damn gorgeous in reality okay you can’t find another man as handsome as that.I was so close I could see the bristles of his not yet grown moustache on his chin CLEARLY.His dimples are to die for and he’s REALLY REALLY TAN.Dear me,my heart was not spared last night,not at all not even for one second.It was so good.I absolutely adored Sungmin‘s hair.Oh damn that dude-he’s really good looking in reality-I love his smile and he love the fans okay when he was running back to the stage,he looked at us and waved and smiled and ran at the same time and when I touched his hand,I even felt the ring on his right hand!Leeteuk is the most awesome leader I’ve seen and he looked so GREAT I CAN’T EVEN.The girls and I Literally SHRIEKED when Leeteuk touched our hands okay we were THAT ECSTATIC.And did I mention how comfortable Shindong‘s palm felt?I love that dude no matter what you say.He’s funny,adorable,charming and witty and same goes for all of the suju members.Yesung looks amazing-pictures don’t DO JUSTICE TO HIM.OMG.REALLY.I love his single eyelids and hot guyliner and I can’t even………..I heard that he injured his back yesterday and I hope it’s gotten better.Ryeowook is sheer adorable and all sorts of cuteness but my heart ached when I saw him upfront.He looked so gaunt and thin-this boy’s lost so much weight.I could see his eyeliner and pores so clearly and his cheekbone’s jutting out.Ryeowookie please eat more!=( I didn’t expect him to be so thin.He can disappear behind a pole or something.Zhoumi and Henry looked uber HOT with their red hair.Zhou mi looked like a rock star when he was jamming with Jungmo and Heechul and Henry-this baby’s grown up and I’m not  a fan of Bieber-but when Henry sang Baby I sang along and had the time of my life.LOOK AT HOW INFLUENTIAL SJ IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and omg Can I say I now officially have a crush on Eunhyuk?OMG THAT MAN.I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIS NEW HAIR HE LOOKS AS HOT AS HEECHUL I CAN’T BREATHE PROPERLY WHEN EUNHYUK DID THE HEART TO MY ROW I JUST CAN’T.AND WHEN HE SPLASHED THE WATER AT THE FANS IN THE END,I GOT WET,AND I SCREAMED LIKE I’VE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY BEFORE(I’m not even supposed to be happy that I got wet and the water got into my contacts-but It’s LEE HYUK JAE AKA EUNHYUK and ANYTHING GOES!)Donghae looked so amazing in real life and his eyes are to die for.Literally he’s sooooooooooooooo hot I love his laughter and Donghae is all sorts of charming-I couldn’t control myself from hyperventilating when he danced and when he shouted “I LOVE YOU!!!!!” (in eng) during Tok Tok Tok,I think I almost damaged other ears when I screamed. Kyuhyun-that boy is so much good looking in reality.Like Yesung,photos don’t give enough credit to him.I had so much FATE with Kyuhyun last night okay-two times of shaking hands,eye contact and he was always in front of me and he sang the CHINESE SONG,NEW ENDLESS LOVE.If you read the post in my Tumblr,you can imagine how ecstatic I was.I promised myself that if Kyu ever sang that song in SS3 Singapore,He would have a special place in my heart for all time and now,he truly is.I love him so much.Oh and you know in Dancing out,he did the “that’s cool” sign infront of me!!!!I was like omg he did it for REAL.OMG IM SEEING CHO KYU HYUN DOING THIS IN FRONT OF ME OMGOMGOMG!And like the photos and videos,when I saw him upfront,I could feel the loneliness beating out of him.His melancholic eyes….just staring at the audience and at us..I could feel his gratitude and his emotions….Okay and now,the last person-KIM HEE CHUL.THAT MAN IS A SEX GOD HE MESSES AROUND WITH PEOPLE’S SEXUALITY.HOW CAN HE LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY WHEN HE DRESSES AS LADY GAGA AND LOOK SO MASCULINE AND HOT?I love his gummy smile close up and his hair was perfection.

Basically,I felt REALLY REALLY REALLY LUCKY LAST NIGHT that I had so many close encounters with the boys of my dreams.and that I managed to be in the sea of sapphire blue.Really.Watching my dearest idols perform in 3D AKA REAL LIFE and seeing them upfront (so close to TOUCH THEM) and jamming along with their music and swaying the blue lightstick to their melodies has always been my imagination and the stuff of my dreams and I can’t believe all these became MY REALITY last night.It’s still so surreal now I just…..I feel like the happiest girl alive.All my dreams came true-from seeing them live to touching them to even the choice of songs(in kyu’s case) and the fact that Kyu and Donghae introduced themselves in Chinese with their Chinese names and Siwon being so nice and adorable and genunine “may God bless Singapore” and seeing Leeteuk and Heechul in their shiniest moments before they head to the army at the end of this year and EVEN buying their merch…….EVERYTHING WENT SO WELL AND I’M SERIOUSLY GRATEFUL FOR EVERYTHING.REALLY.I have my parents and God to thank for and I don’t know whether I will ever be so lucky again.


  1. Donghae flying in the opening and Suju’s CHINESE NEW YEAR WISHES
  2. Leeteuk and Sungmin’s Angelic performance,sprinkling hearts everywhere
  3. Heechul’s Lady Gaga performance and DRUM PERFORMANCE  and Donghae,Eunhyuk and Shindong’s single ladies.It was SO EPIC LIKE OMG REALLY.
  4. TOK TOK TOK Performance.
  5. Siwon pinning Donghae to the ground and attempting to kiss him.
  6. Siwon kissing Kyuhyun.
  7. Heechul grinding EVERYONE.
  8. Ryeowook’s pushing of Sungmin in veges costume
  10. Siwon’s “do you want to go to church with me tomorrow morning?”
  11. Donghae’s “I love you” and “I think Singaporean women are very beautiful”
  12. Zhou mi and Henry’s SOLO (I cnt believe I don’t have a fancam of ZM’s solo I feel like hitting myself my hp had to throw a bitchfit when batteries are concerned)-BUT HE’S SO HOT.
  13. Kyu’s singing of the CHINESE SONG.(It was a dream come true-I took a fancam and he TEARED at one moment and I fet so sad for him)
  14. RINALDO.KANGIN’S SPECIAL “APPEARANNCE.ENOUGH SAID.I teared at that moment.I thought I was strong,but no…..
  15. Every moment was the highlight in SS3.You just can’t CHOOSE when Suju are involved in it.

And you know what,I’m glad that Leeteuk and Heechul weren’t affected by the minor accident on Friday(seriously some SG elfs just give a bad name to the whole SG Elfs community.I mean one should know how to respect the celebs’ privacy and the two boys aren’t strangers to car accidents you know,I was SO WORRIED FOR THEM IF anything WENT WRONG I don’t know what I would do.I’m glad they are okay.Heechul’s “if the fans are fine,we are fine” really touched me alot and I think I will love all of them forever.

Last night’s concert was the night of many Firsts and I’m glad I gave my FIRST CRAZY FANGIRL EXPERIENCE to SUPER JUNIOR,THE BEST BOYBAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD.There will NEVER be another Super Junior again AND I’m glad I witnessed this special moment.I’m blogging about this now so I won’t forget.At least I still have photos(no matter how lousy they are),merchandise and my own fancams of their performances(albeit with my own screaming being heard in the videos) to remind me of that lovely night,the happiest night of my 18 years.I thank Super Junior for all the joy they have brought to my life and I wish them all the happiness and all the magic in the world.I promise Leeteuk that I will always support them for the rest of my life and I will wait for every single one of them to come back from the army and we shall grow old together.I PROM15E TO BEL13VE.

Until we meet again,Super Junior,I will always love all of you and support each and every single one of you in EVERY ASPECT.Please always stay safe and healthy-you guys are  and will always be my everything until the end of time.I mean every single word I said.

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